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3 Sex Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sex games are the perfect tool to put an end to sexual monotony that often affects married life. Although it’s inevitable to have certain habits for sex, innovating and seeking additional incentives can help spice up your relationship for a more enjoyable experience.

The most important factor when spicing up your sex life is to improve communication with your significant other. Since both parties must state their dissatisfaction and preferences. From here, you both can break the routine. 

Here are three sex games you can play with your partner in bed.

The Prisoners

Are you dominant or submissive in bed? The prisoner creates a very exciting situation in which one partner is at the mercy of the other. To play- the dominant handcuffs or tied up the submissive to immobilize his/her.

The prisoner will be subjected to what the other partner wants and will have to enjoy their sentence without complaining. The dominant can explore the prisoner’s body, using their lips hands or a sex toy.

Nookii provides all the essentials needed to play the Prisoners.


This is a classic sex game that will arouse your partner. It’s an activity that stimulates the senses, especially since you focus on touching and feeling with your mouth and other elements.

Because you can’t see, it goes with the previous sex game we listed above, but you don’t necessarily have to subdue the other partner.

How to play?- One of you must cover the other eyes with a dark blindfold. After this, start stimulating each other.

Other Games Includes

sex games
Lovehoney x We-Vibe Seventh Heaven Romance Gift Box

Seven doors open to reveal seven exciting tie-and-tease treats, sensual massage essentials and an exclusive wearable We-Vibe couple’s toy, all for just $60.

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Lovehoney Oh! Fantastic Foreplay Board Game

As the name suggests, a fantastic board game to spice up every relationship. When you roll the dice each person is rewarded with a naughty behaviour or daring act.

Lovehoney Oh! Foreplay Dice

sex dice games

Each partner must roll the dice to reveal which seductive action to perform and bring the spice back to a night in with your partner.

Body painting

Have fun with this foreplay idea, body painting. It’s a very exciting practice that strengthens sentimental ties very specially.

Both partners use body paint each other naked. It’s not about creating masterpieces since the idea is to enjoy the feeling of the brush and paint on your body.

It’s important to use paint that’s suitable for the skin to prevent future rashes or allergic reactions.

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