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Most young men take pride in growing a beard (it doesn’t matter the pattern it takes). It is probably the most undeniable sign that a young lad is turning into an adult. Unfortunately, beard growth is only one side of the coin. To nail the transformation, one has to learn what I call the ‘art of grooming’. Shaving facial hair has to be done just right. And since it is an art, some learning has to take place.

You need to know the basics of shaving along with the right tools to use to achieve a professional shave. Lacking knowledge of proper shaving tools and shaving skills will have you look like a big baby. Everything will come tumbling down like the walls of Jericho.

Luckily for you, I focus on helping you choose the right grooming tools for your skin and needs. With a myriad of tools in the industry, making a choice can drive you insane.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

I know, I know trust does not come easy. I have to earn it. So here is a little bit about me and why you should pay attention.

Most of my friends think I am a facial hair addict. But I do not like the title, though it is somewhat accurate. Instead, I prefer thinking of myself as a person with loads of experiences (mostly personal experience) with male pattern baldness. Let’s just say I’m that guy people instinctively come to seek advice from regarding these matters.

For the longest time, I helped people on a face-to-face basis until I realized I could impact many more lives with a blog – so here I am changing the world, one shave at a time.

Let’s Take it From the Top

As stupid as this may sound, beards and male pattern baldness are linked for most men. It is the reason why the internet is flooded with questions like ‘does growing a beard cause baldness?‘ the two are linked given that they are triggered by male hormones. Unfortunately, all men will experience hair loss and balding as they advance in age. For some, the balding will be more visible than in others. For those the balding is evident, they will run to seek medical attention to lessen the hair loss impact.

On the flip side of things, balding causes the growth of a thick beard – the kind that will have the likes of Rick Ross green with envy. However, as I pointed out earlier, growing a beard is one thing, taking good care of it to reach its full potential is another. Like many things in your life, you ought to consider proper maintenance and grooming.

Despite the narrative that mainstream media has been peddling for ages, proper grooming does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. What works for you may not work for your brother, cousin, or friend. You need to take into consideration your personal preferences and needs. People are visual and first impressions could make or break the perception your acquaintances have of you. So needless to say, you need to look your best at all times – I dare say, your confidence depends on it.

Luxury Shaving

Classic shaving is not just for your dad and grandpa. If anything, if you have been paying close attention to shaving trends, you might have noticed that it is growing in popularity all over again. Wet shaving (using a straight-edge or safety razor) is not only about getting a clean shave but the experience. It is as manly as shaving gets. And the best thing is that gentle and well, not-so-gentle men can learn the art of luxury shaving. Armed with the right tools, the sky is the limit.

But here is the thing. Luxury shaving requires that you have a mentor to hold your hand and teach you the ropes. You are lucky you have me. I will take you through everything you need to know about this art form. I will explain in detail every element that goes into achieving a smooth and clean shave with minimal nicks and cuts. Your first luxury shave will leave your skin feeling like a baby’s butt – so much so that you will never look at your electric razor the same way ever again.

Certainly, our forefathers knew something we didn’t. You will understand that sacrificing enjoyment and experience for perceived convenience was a huge mistake.

What’s in it for You?

Aside from learning a new art form that most of your peers are strangers to?

Well, though luxury shaving is starting to gain a massive following all over again, the industry is flooded with all kinds of advice about “shaving razors for sensitive skin”, men’s razors, shaving brushes, and shaving gels and creams. Even for a guru in the industry, the numerous options and shaving kits can be overwhelming.

But here is what I do for you – I dumb it all down for you. I review straight razor shaving kits, safety razor bestsellers, aftershave for men, and top shaving soaps for you. In the reviews, you will benefit from important tips regarding the skin type – for example, if you have sensitive or dry skin – what product is best for you?

Why are the reviews important? Because a large part of nailing this grooming business is dependent on choosing the right products to use based on our tastes and needs. I emphasize the use of products made up of natural ingredients for their superior results, numerous health benefits, and environmental friendliness.

More to that, I throw in some tips that will guide you in achieving a clean and smooth shave in the shortest time possible and with minimal nicks and cuts. I transform you into a pro and take your grooming skills to the next level.

What Can You do to Make This a Better Site?

I am open to feedback, both positive and negative feedback about the content I post. So leave me some recommendations or criticism. Also, do leave a comment on your experience with any of the reviewed products. Was the review spot on? Between the two of us, we can change the luxury shaving industry for the better.

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