Take Better Dick Pics?

How To Take Better Dick Pics?-Tips And Tricks

Are you tired of ugly dick pics? Why do men take a great selfie and when it’s time to take a pic of their dick, it suffers from poor lighting and terrible angles? Then you have the audacity to share it with us, I mean come on!

Sending a great dick pic can make or break a relationship since a bad pic makes you a laughing stock to the receiver and even worst to their friends. So, here’s a list that will help you take great dick pics.

Never send a dick pic in the morning – You want your dick to be the first things he/she remembers when he/she wakes up in the morning, so it’s best to send it at night, so they’ll sleep on it.

Make sure you have something to reference your dick by, for instance, you can take a pic of your dick side by side with a 20 oz Coca-Cola bottle. Then, when they looks at 20 oz, she/he can visualize the size.


Please don’t take a dick pic in the toilet- make sure it’s a clean area and it looks great.

Great lighting is everyone friend especially your junk- base your penis towards the light and take a picture. Better lightning well make the person see your penis better plus, allows them to focus on your dick, not its surroundings.

If you have a small dick -Angle your phone in a way, your penis will look bigger.

Shave or trim your pubic hair (unless the receiver is into lots of hair) if not your dick will look even larger with a shaved penis.

Lastly, always warn the person before sending a dick pic, so they can mentally prepare themselves to see your junk.