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Can You Wear A Butt Plug All Day?

A butt plug a favorite sex toy for anal play. Similarly, they stay in place for hands-free anal stimulation. Most people believe that a butt plug should be worn only during intercourse or a warm-up before anal sex while this true, it is not always the case as some go as far as wearing them all day.

So, Can you wear a butt plug all day? Yes, you can! You can wear them to feel naughty all day or to surprise your spouse before sex. As long as, you keep it lubed to prevent any discomfort when removing it. Keep a plastic bag or small bottle fill with lube in your pocket or handbag especially when out ‘n’ about.

Wearing a butt plug gives you a feeling of “fullness” this is very pleasurable because it applies pressure to the erogenous zones. This makes walking and daily chores enjoyable as the movement causes the butt plug to rock back and forth creating intense pressure.

An all-day butt plug will spice up your date night, knowing that your spouse is all plugged up makes them even more desirable. For a better night, pick up a vibrated butt plug and hand your lover the remote, so he/she can buzz you unexpectedly.

Everyone is different, and tolerance differs from person to person a newbie can only wear a butt plug for an hour or so but continue use will build up your tolerance. The size and the material of the plug plays an important role in how long you can keep it in. A silicone with no texture makes an excellent option for novices because the experience is pleasurable without being too heavy.

“Yes! Size matter”

For extended wear, if you’re still in the beginner stage, then 1 1/4 inches in diameter goes right up your alley, while with a more experienced person, the larger the plug will be. Finding the perfect size of a butt plug for extended wear is essential as an extra larger plug become uncomfortable if you are not used to the sensation. With small plugs, you’ll sometimes forget that you are wearing one at all.

To sum, choose the right size and material and be ready for a lot of pleasure because if you’re not plugged up all day, then you are missing out!