Can I Have Sex When I’m Sick?

Cold and the Flu are so common, we can treat it at home and you can diagnose it yourself. Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, feeling itchy, and congestion makes up the common flu.

Rest, drink plenty of water and keep your germs away from others are advised. But what about sex? Can we have sex when we are sick? It’s according to how intense your symptoms are? And whether your partner wants to expose themselves to the flu.

Let face it, we always want to keep our distance from people who have the flu. However, if you accept the risks and your partner is up to it, then yes you can.

The cold and flu are both respiratory infections and doesn’t affect the genitals. It is not transmitted by them nor by the body fluids associated with them. 

However, there are some risks involved such as face kissing or coughing during sex can infect your partner.

The Risk Of Having Sex With The Common Cold And Flu

Tip: Try having sex in the doggy style position and forking where the sick person is at the bottom.

Try not to touch your partner too much, especially on their face. Although sex with a little touching and no kissing seems impossible, it’s better than the alternative of increasing the chances of spreading germs everywhere.

Always Tell Your Partner That You Have The Cold And Flu Before Sex

Don’t hide your sickness from your partner because a cold and flu can be an inconvenience to you, but to others such as pregnant women or people who suffer from chronic illness, this can be dangerous.

Cold and flu are easily transmitted but not from the genitals. If you don’t want to get sick, avoid contact with infected persons.

Abstain from having sex with that person have phone sex instead, or wait until he/she is better.