Can Men Wear Lingerie?

Hell yes! It’s 2019 and nothing should surprise us anymore. Men deserve to feel sexy and seductive when wearing lingerie. It’s common and some men love the way the material feels on their skin. 

You don’t have to be gay to wear a woman’s underwear, it is common for heterosexual men to wear them. Here are five reasons men love to wear lacy bra, panties, and stockings.

It’s hidden And Comfortable 

Wearing lingerie is a very personal and are hidden under the clothing especially when worn in public. Similarly, a woman’s lingerie is very comfortable compared to men clothing. They are super thin and doesn’t ride up as much as men’s boxers.   

They are well-groomed

You would not see a man that wears lingerie hairy. They take better care of themselves and shave their body hair also; they have better hygiene. They understand the reason we, women wear lingerie and don’t see it as a waste of money.

Men who wear lingerie are comfortable in their skin and knows what they want. Because they have overcome the negativity of society that label cross-dresses as “being less than a man”.

It’s Not Always Sexual

Although there are some men that are turned on by the feeling of lace on their skin or the taught of wearing panties. However, for some, it’s just comfortable to wear, and it’s just who he is and has discovered this need to wear women’s clothing at a young age.

So, to answer the question, yes men can wear lingerie. Life is free but unfortunately, it’s short. Plus, there are women out there that don’t mind their husband wearing a woman’s underwear. They are comfortable, thinner and sometimes cheaper than men’s boxers and cooler to wear in the summer.