clone a willy

A Clone A Willy Review- A Fun Project

Wouldn’t you want a real-life penis clone on display in your bedroom, I sure would! I will never use it during sex- keep reading to know the reasons. But, it will make a great keepsake of your men’s/husband junk.

He can leave it with you during his business trip as a reminder of what you’re missing. If you want a copy of his penis, say hello to Clone a Willy- it takes a replica of his junk.

What’s In the Box?

  • Body Safe ‘Light Skin Tone’ Silicone
  • One Bag of Algae Based Molding Powder.
  • Molding Tube.
  • Vibrating Unit (optional)
  • Stir stick.
  • Instructions
  • thermometer
clone a willy review

How To Clone Your Willy

Firstly, place everything on a hard surface and ensure that you have your partner because maintaining an erection can be hard and porn is not enough; the procedure is messy, so lay down newspapers or old cloth.

  • Measure out the tube so when you are erect you want it to be 1/2 inch longer than your junk.
  • Use a marker and draw a line after measurements. Cut the extra piece of molding tube off.
  • Time to set up- make sure the water is at 90 degrees (use the thermometer to measure)
  • You can use a bowl, but a trick is to pour the molding powder into the tube, measure the correct amount of water and use a long handle spoon to mix the solution you have 45 seconds.
  • You have 2 minutes to place your erect penis in the molding mix you can do this standing up or whichever gets your entire boner in the tube.
  • Maintain your erection for 2 minutes before you remove your penis.

Mix the Silicone

  • After letting the mold sit for 4 hours- mix the white rubber and the skin tone and stir.
  • Let it sit for 24 hours
  • Then remover the clone.

Final Thoughts And Review

It’s tough to get the perfect willy clone as some take up to 5-6 tries to get it right. That’s why if you have the extra money you should purchase extra molding powder encase you don’t get it right the first time. Strictly speaking, it’s an enjoyable DIY project to do with a partner, but you need a butt load of patience and quick movements. 

One downside, is the Clone A Willy makes a mess on the floor since you have to shove your boner in the molding tube the excess will pour out, I’ve warned you! If you are hairy all that mess will end up on your pubic hair and get hard and will be a pain to take out so, shave first.

If you don’t do it right the first time, there will be a lot of imperfections so look out for that. The vibration transfer rather well through the silicone, but it’s very dull and doesn’t do that much at all.

Sensation- The silicone is ridge and very hard, and the little imperfections are felt when using during vaginal play.

Cleaning the clone is easy as you’ll use the same anti-bacterial wipes or the cleaning techniques you’ll use for any silicone toys. Overall, despite the problems that were faced it is an entertaining project, and most men said they would buy another kit to try it again.

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