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Do Penis Pump Really Work?-Penis Pump Review 2020

All men think of the size of their penis, and I know you have searched for various products that will help you increase the size and girth of your junk. On your quest, you have come across a device that will do just that: a penis pump. A penis pump is a cylinder-shaped device that lets you pump more blood into your penis making it bigger.

But, do penis pump really work?

 Yes, it can make your penis larger with regular use. Some are cheap and less invasive as surgery or other penile enlargement devices. You can combine it with other methods such as clean eating to increase its effects.

You can choose between a manually and automatically operated as well as hydraulically powered.

Manual Pump (hand)– Is a popular option and is available in nearly every sex toy shops and has a simple mechanism; You fit your penis in an airtight cylinder that creates a vacuum around it.

Using lubrication creates an airtight seal around the penis and shave first to avoid breaking the seal.

Why Use A Penis Pump?

There are three main reasons anyone will buy a pump- one to give a temporary erection. The effects can last from any way to a day or two days. Pumping usually lasts for a short time until your penis erected and then you go on to have sex.

Masturbation is another reason why to buy a penis pump since the pumping sensation is pleasurable and it is possible to reach orgasm.  Lastly, the obvious reason for using a pump is to stretch and train the tissue of the penis so it can grow bigger and thicker with stronger erection for sex.

What You Need to Know Before Buying A Pump?

Before you buy a penis pump, you’ll have to identify the reason why you are buying one. Most men use them to increase the size of the penis. But, some are designed for people with Erectile Dysfunction, and it’s a waste of money if you buy a pump for ED and you have no problem in that area.

Other things to consider are: If they’re a quick release button?

In case you need to end a session quickly. Make sure you are buying the correct size for your penis. A manual pump is perfect for beginners since you’ll need lots of pressure and it’s easy to overdo it with an electrical pump.

When To Pump?

It is suggested to use every other day for 15-20 minutes. When you pump regularly, you are keeping your penis healthy and increase the chances for permanent size change.

However, penis pump are great to use as long as you are aware of the risk such as pain, discoloration, and discomfort. If this occurs, it is best to wait awhile until your penis recovers before resuming.

Bathmate HYDROXTREME7 Penis Pump Clear 5-7 Inches

Bathmate pump

When you think of the best penis pumps the first brand comes to mind is the Bathmate. They design them for those who are serious in increasing the size of their penis.

What makes this product legit? Are, they cater to each man’s penis size and are available in three different colors. Besides, Hydroextreme is a popular model and are used by thousands of men around the world. Unlike the regular hand or electric pump, the Bathmate uses water to create the vacuum- neat right?

They construct it to work when you are taking a bath or shower using the power of water. The Bathmate lengthen, increases the girth of your penis and add to your sex wellness for you and your partner, as well as increases your self-esteem and your confidence.

Check For The Best Price

Bathmate HYDROMAX9 Penis Pump Clear 7-9 Inches


If you are looking for something bigger, then try the HYDROMAX9. It is perfect for a man, who wants their package similar to porn star sizes, and it gives you that added “boost” for men who have the length but not the girth.

Safe and straightforward to use, you can buy this product from the official website or our favorite and trusted site The first time you use the Bathmate, you will notice a slight change in girth.

But, I must stress, only with regular use you will achieve the size you want. Choosing the correct size is essential since if you purchase a larger size, there are no way you’ll reach the full effect of the pump. With that said, give your penis some space to lengthen.

Overall, A great product that provides results!

See Price At


  • Results
  • A size for 7-9 inches.
  • Confidence booster.


  • Doesn’t work that great outside the shower.

Tracey Cox EDGE Ultimate Performance Stamina Penis Pump

cheap penis pump

I wanted to recommend a penis pump under $50.00 because not everyone can afford a Bathmate and that’s OK. The suction is not different from the Bathmate which is very strong but, not too powerful to bruise the penis. This product is fantastic and works — says hundreds of reviewers.

It is effortless to use: open the end of the cylinder device place the shaft and against the groin to make sure you have created a good seal. You can use water lube for a comfortable experience and use the hand pump. You’ll notice your penis is much harder and erection is firmer — all in all, a fabulous product that works.


  • Cheaper than Bathmate.
  • Actually works.
  • Easy to use.


  • Nothing- perfect.

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Why Not Combine Pumping With Chartham Method?

What is the Chartham method? Before you use your penis pump, do a deep massage with lotion to loosen up the fibers. Robert Chartham, a British writer, claims that penis pumping, as well as deep massage, has a better chance of the results to be permanent.

How to do this?

  • Place the penis pump over your flaccid penis.
  • Make sure you get a good grip around the groin and pump.
  • Once it reaches your target size release the quick release valve.
  • When your penis reaches it flaccid state again, hold the base of the shaft and gently but, firmly give it several tugs.
  • Repeat the process.

A penis pump, are a great way to succeed in penis enlargement it’s not as risky as surgery. However, my views on it; are it’s a temporary fix once you regularly use your penis pump, you’ll notice some difference in terms of length and girth.

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