Does Anal Sex Cause Rectal Prolapse?

Rectal prolapse is when the rectum drops from its usual position. Sometimes it moves and stays inside, other times a potion extends outside the anus and then there are some cases where the entire rectum protrudes out.

So, can anal sex cause rectal prolapse? It’s uncommon especially when both parties practice safe anal sex.

However, here are some factors that contribute to rectal prolapse: chronic constipation, straining when passing bowel movements, weakened pelvic and anal sphincter muscles, aging, etc read more at Better

Another factor that causes rectal prolapse is an injury if you are having rough anal sex that damages the muscles, nerves, and ligaments that supports and controls the rectum, rectal prolapse can occur.

But, this doesn’t mean that anal sex causes rectal prolapse however, the damages occur during anal sex could be. So, how can you have anal sex and prevent damage? I’ll list them below.


If you practice Kegel’s exercise and you can control the tightening and contraction of your anal muscles, then this can help strengthen your rectum tissues. It can also reduce fecal incompetence where the anus leaks and can’t clench close.

Listen To Your Body

If it’s painful during anal sex stop because you may end up hurting yourself.

Change The Way You Look At Anal Sex

If you think anal sex is wrong or dislike it all together, this can get up all in your head and tells the body to resist penetration. Communicate with your partner and build trust, this will give you are a peace of mind. Talk about safe words, protection and STI’s.


Unfortunately, the anus doesn’t produce lubrication like the vagina that’s why lube is essential. Our go-to product for anal sex is lubricated condoms because they make penetration easier. They also make clean up easier and decreases microscopic tearing that increases the risk of rectal prolapse and infections.

One great lube is the Lovehoney Discover anal lube. Remember to use water-based lubrication and don’t add any essential oils to your homemade lube when using condoms because oil deteriorates latex.

Talk about your fears, get professional help, practice safe anal sex and eat healthy foods. If you are still experiencing rectal prolapse this does not necessary mean anal sex is to blame; Don’t Panic! Seek medical help.