Empress Mimi Review

Empress Mimi Lingerie Subscription Box Review 2021

Today, I’ll feature some beautiful lingerie from Empress Mimi as well as their monthly subscription box. You can choose between three subscription boxes; these include lingerie and sleepwear sets, the first is the “House of Furries” comprises 1 pair of panties for £14.95;  

A matching set of lingerie for £39.95 and the Empress Box—A matching set of lingerie + high-end accessories, kimonos, silk masks, and occasional naughty extras for £119.95.

The size depends on your personal size between XS-XLL. If there are any problems with the sizing, you can always message Empress Mimi for further details.

When you open a subscription box, you’ll receive the most beautiful card with an uplifting message.

Empress Mimi and Imperial Peacock:

“Why blend in when you’re born to stand out: Dear empress’s these boxes are inspired by the flamboyant lavish peacock a majestic bird, inspiring us to embrace our inability in becoming living artworks. No other creature is quite so magnetic outrageously decadent. We invite you to wear this set to remember that you are a woman to behold, a peacock, in a flock of pigeons and to never shy away from standing out your true beauty shines through. When you dare to show off their true colours but this does not imply your assets, and just like a peacock loses its feathers and regrows them every year you too have the power to embrace change in a way you’re magnificent rebirth. You just have to release your inner peacock energy and always remember dear, embrace yours is regal and majestic as imperial peacock celebrated through the ages for its beauty and power when love and adoration”.

It says” royalty gets treated like royalty”. If you get the wrong size can always return or exchange it for another size. Plus, they reward you fourteen days from when you receive it to return the package so, I think that’s great.