The Hitachi Magic Wand Review

The Hitachi Magic Wand Review (The original)

Let’s hail the queen of all vibrators the Hitachi Magic wand-I have an iron clit because of this. Which is not a bad thing since I have been able to achieve multiple orgasms, and my clit, don’t accept lazy-ass vibrators she knows quality. What can I say it’s a high price to pay, although the Hitachi is not the most pricey wand in my toy box, I can safely say it’s one of the best.

Honestly, the first time I saw the Hitachi wand I thought, it was a muscle massager then the second time I saw this wand was in a porn. I will admit I was a bit confused I was like OK, nearly every woman in porn exaggerate on the pleasure. But when I brought this vibrator and tried it out myself- I was impressed by how powerful the vibrations were.

Functionally Magic Wand

The Hitachi is not like many vibrators; it comes with a cord to plug into an electric socket (not travel-friendly) after all it’s a muscle massager. It has two speed high and higher and is loud compared to other vibrators, But, what it lacks in silence it makes up in speed. Unfortunately, the top is not soft, or made with silicone; however, there are many attachments available to fit your needs. This vibrator is pretty straightforward- you plug it in, and you tap the switch to put on or off.

Efficiency of the Wand

All women experience an orgasm within seconds of using this vibrator I’m one of them. I’m quite sensitive after one climax and will lose interest after my first. However, with the Hitachi, I could obtain multiple orgasms. The magic wand is not only a “lady toy” since your male partner can find pleasure by placing the wand on it’s the lowest setting and putting it in the space under the testicles during penetration. Also, you can purchase attachments for your partner’s penis.

The Hitachi magic wand has been around since the late 1960s even though the original had been shut down in 2012. Vibratex, their US Distributor, convinced them to keep making the parts and requested that they remove their name from the product. They are now called the Magic Wand Original HV-260 and still the best vibrator /muscles massager in the market.


Because of the intense vibration, I wouldn’t apply direct stimulation on the first try. Try it with your pants on or cloth over your clit so you can get used to the sensation. Unless the vibrator is damage, it will not cause any harm as after a while your mind will become familiar with the pleasure, and will be one of the most powerful toys of your collection.


The original has a speed range of 5,000 RPM and 6,000 RPM, that’s a lot of power since it’s designed to massage your back, neck and shoulder. The wand doesn’t work on batteries and plugs directly into the wall for maximum strength. However, it’s too big for vaginal or anal play, but you can always buy the extensions to use for these purposes.


There are few cons to this vibrator as most women’s climax too fast with this wand. Others complain about the noise level since it’s impossible to use it without the entire house knowing, again there is an extension available to help with this problem.

Lastly, before purchasing a Hitachi make sure you are not buying any of knock-off brands. They look the same so do your research beforehand. Lucky, for you, I’ll post a link to sites where you can get your hands on the real deal.

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