How Do I Massage My Own Prostate With Sex Toys?

Prostate stimulation is a taboo subject for some men since they believe that simulating your p-spot makes you gay. This not true, and most men who believe this is missing out on intense orgasms. The prostate or the P-spot is located on the anal wall- so, to massage your own prostate? when searching for this spot use a finger first and explore around it before using a Prostate simulator.

Benefits of a Prostate Sex Toys/Stimulator

Prostate stimulators give you sensation without using your hands leaving your hands free for other sexual play — many men reported of having stronger orgasms, and orgasms-without even touching their penis. Using a prostate stimulator during masturbation and intercourse takes sensation to a whole new level. It also, train your anal tissue for boyfriend play.

How to Use A Prostate Stimulator?

I am happy to answer a question that was emailed to me” How do i massage my own prostate” by J- For every anal play whether it’s regular butt plugs or Prostate stimulators, one must always warm up their anal muscles.

Start by placing your finger with lube or the tip of the wand to warm up the area.

When you feel ready, apply some pressure to see if the tip will slide in easy. If the stimulator doesn’t go in, take a deep breath in, while you continue to massage the anus.

Once inside, you may feel the second place of resistance from your internal sphincter at this place pause and move, the stimulator from side to side, gently in and out as well as in circles to massage the muscles. 

When passed the internal sphincter the toys should slide in quickly. Once the P spot stimulator is in your bum, it will lead to a whole different level of play. Have your partner press on the toy during sex for more pleasure. Pull the toy out just as you are about to have an orgasm as well as use a curve stimulate to add extra pressure on your prostate. 

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Our List of Prostate Simulators-

Sinclair Select Onyx Prostate Wand

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The Sinclair Select is a great prostate sex toy and is perfect for beginners. With three bulb shape, it is designed for newbies. As a result, a pro will find this wand to be small and hard to grip.

Like every glass toy, you can play with temperature dip it in cold or warm water whichever you prefer. A warm ward relaxes your muscles and makes insertion easier, Strictly speaking, intimate users who try this wand will find it more on the smaller size, but some achieve hands-free orgasm and enjoy the sensation the curve adds. Overall, an excellent Pspot stimulator. It is very smooth and has an excellent weight to it- as expected with glass toys. 


  • Stimulates your P-spot.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Not for deep penetration.
  • Hard to grip.
  • Blunt tip.

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Silicon Wireless PinPoint Pro

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Not only does the Pinpoint Probe massage your prostate it will vibrate and strokes it as well. Easy to use the Pinpoint pro uses three rolling and twelve vibrations modes. The rip texture adds additional direct stimulation, it’s a great size for easy insertion and large enough for an awesome sensation.

The rolling ball tip gives you a similar sensation of a finger. Since it’s a silicone toy you should use a water-based lubricant. Great for shower play as this product is waterproof, you can use it with your partner or during masturbation. Some find the rolling ball useless despite this most men were able to achieve an amazing orgasm.


  • Flexible.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Easy for beginners


  • Loud vibration.
  • Massager ball is useless.

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Intro To Prostate Kit

prostate simulator

The entire kit is a beginner and expert friendly. The four stimulators give you a chance to stretch gradually. Similarly, the package consists of a bubble plug- which is not very large and is great to use as an introduction to anal play, a curvy plug- similar to anal beads, a penis ring and plug combo you can use during solo or intercourse and as well as an anal vine blast. 

The anal vine blast is easy to use, with a silicone exterior. The ring at the end makes probing effortless without worrying about the toy slipping too far up your bum. Finally, the plug and penis combo is fun to use in the bedroom since it gives you a steady erection as well as delay orgasm. This kit is fantastic and best for those who don’t need vibration to reach climax.


  • Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Water-proof.
  • Suction cup base


  • Battery operated.
  • Small beads

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3 Point Prostate Massager

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Another amazing P-spot massager available at This plug has a curved tip to sit on your prostate perfectly and is made of 100% hypoallergenic silicone. It fits in every man’s body and is available in a black satin finish. Also, the vibration patterns are satisfying and most dudes always reach climax with the 3 point massager.

The 3 point is a modern toy that recharges with a USB cord instead of batteries. The tickles give you that extra sensation that increase your chances to reach the big “O” faster. It’s a silent vibration which you’ll enjoy especially using it on a date night with your partner.


  • Great for deep penetration
  • 3 mode vibration.
  • Discrete shipping.


  • Vibrations to strong.
  • Expensive.

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Wrapping Up

Choosing the perfect prostate massager sex toys can be hard especially when you are new to anal play. Firstly, As a newbie, you must always read customers reviews as there is a lot of information you would not find in the product description section.

Secondly, always remember to lube up and warm up your anal muscles before insertion this will prevent any unnecessary soreness. Newbies must always try small stimulators before they test out expert sizes. Let’s not forget, vibrating wand start slow then speed things up.

When you have found the right size massager, I’m confident you’ll experience the best orgasm of your life.

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