How To Clean Hair Clippers – The Complete Guide

To provide the best service for their clients, every barber relies on their favorite hair clippers and trimmers. It’s crucial to take care of your clippers to make sure they are doing their job well.

How To Clean Hair Clippers

This blog will cover how to care for and clean barber clippers. The job of a barber is not complete without having the right tools. You cannot provide exceptional services if you don’t have the best equipment.

You will need to maintain your clippers and the blades that support them to cut hair. You must clean your clippers regularly and adequately.

How Long Do Hair Clippers Last?

You can expect your hair clippers to last many years if you take care of them properly. You should do this regularly:

  • All day, spray your barber scissors with clipper spray
  • To remove any debris, give your clippers an annual deep clean
  • Use a suitable oil to oil your clippers each time you use them.
  • Always ensure that the blades are correctly aligned.

You might notice that your clippers become duller, pull on hair, make a rattling sound, and don’t give you the smooth finish you want. If you don’t take these steps to maintain your clippers, your clients will be happy!

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Why is it so important to properly clean and care for barber clippers?

Proper clipper maintenance is essential for barbers.

  1. Proper hygiene is essential
  2. To make sure they last as long as possible.
  3. To get the best results possible for your clients.

You could have all sorts of problems if your clippers are dirty. It is not only unhygienic not to clean them but also, because of the buildup of oils, hair, and skin, it can cause permanent damage and even injury to clients.

How to Clean Hair Clippers in Propper Ways

Disinfecting/Cleaning clipper blades with blade wash

A blade wash solution should have three main features. It must adequately clean, disinfect, and lubricate the blade. Both barber scissors and dog hair clippers use cooling solutions frequently.

Spray these on your clippers and follow the directions. You’re done! It’s quite simple.

Use distilled white vinegar to clean clipper blades

You don’t have to buy additional products if you are looking for similar results. A well-known household assistant can help you achieve the same result. It is white vinegar.

It can be used to clean the insides and microwaves, as well as their refrigerators. It makes perfect sense that white vinegar can also be used to clean hair clippers.

White vinegar is cheap and will effectively combat bacteria and mold. It is 100% safe and non-toxic. It will clean your hair clippers by removing dirt and grime.

Before you put away your tools or blades, make sure they are completely dry. Vinegar solutions may dry quickly, but they still need to dry before adding oil or storing them in your cabinet. This will prevent any corrosion or rust.

Take out the batteries and unplug your clipper

First, you need to remove the batteries from your hair-cutting machine. Please ensure that the clipper is unplugged.

Remove any hair and open the machine

Next, get rid of all hair that has accumulated. It might surprise you how much hair can be found in seemingly unlikely places. Hair stuck to the blades is a common suspect. You will find small brushes with many clippers that come with them when you purchase them. Make sure to use these. If you don’t own one, just gently bump the clipper and give it a shake.

People love using compressed air to fly out hair, it does a good job and takes only a few seconds to rid of hair.

To clean the blades and other parts properly, you will need to take them out. Just use a flathead screwdriver to open the clipper.

You’ll be able to easily remove the blade by popping it out. You can also brush there. Be aware that different hair-clipper models may disassemble differently.

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Allow the parts to soak and then clean them

You can let your blades and heads soak in warm water before using a blade washer. After a while, remove them and apply some of this blade solution to the edges. Mix some of the distilled vinegar with water (50/50). Let the mixture sit for a few minutes on the blades.

They don’t need to soak for a specific time, but they should be left on the counter for at least 20 minutes. After washing, rinse them with water and then gently dry them with a soft cloth.

Allow your hair clipper parts to dry a little

This is particularly important if your chosen cleaning method is white vinegar and water. Let every area you have cleaned dry completely. You should place the cleaned parts on a soft, clean towel.

Drying can take up to half an hour, but it may take less if you choose to use the blade wash.

Now you’re ready. It wasn’t so hard! All you have to do is remember how to clean your hair clippers enough.

Oil Blades Overnight

To prevent your blades from rusting, you can use hair clipper oil after you have cleaned and disinfected them. How to keep your blades’ longevity by using clipper oil.

Apply a small amount of oil to the corners of the disinfected and cleaned blade.

  1. Do not apply too much oil
  2. Turn the clippers on to allow oil to spread evenly before you turn them off
  3. Allow it to rest overnight in a dry place that doesn’t attract dust
  4. Use a microfiber cloth to remove any oily residues in the morning.

Rusted blades quickly deteriorate and are not safe to use on the hair. Your blades’ structural integrity and sharpness will be maintained by preventing rust.

Clean your hair clippers to ensure quality service

People have more time and money than they think. It’s not enough to spend a few minutes each day cleaning your hair clippers.

This will save you money in the long term for both your clients as well as your financial future. You can give your wallet and blades the best chance by regular cleaning and handling.

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Some Other Hair Clipper Maintenance Tips

Clipper maintenance isn’t difficult, but there are some important things you should be aware of.

Failure to follow these guidelines could affect the health of your hair-cutting machine and the quality of your haircuts.

  • Make sure to reassemble the head and blades properly. You should align your blades correctly and ensure that they are tightened tightly.
  • Oiling your hair blades is not something you should do by accident. Any other oil can cause irreversible damage to your hair-cutting machine. Use only approved brands of electric clipper oil like Wahl.
  • You shouldn’t use too many electric clipper oils! Use only a few drops to not drown your blades or ruin them.
  • Your hair clippers should be cleaned regularly. It all depends on how frequently you cut your hair. I recommend that you do it once a week or every three to four weeks.
  • Use a soft brush. Either use a toothbrush, or you can buy a dedicated brush to clean clippers. These brushes are usually small. A toothbrush is best if you need something more significant.

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You might notice that your clippers become duller, pull on hair, make a rattling sound, and don’t give you the smooth finish you want. If you don’t take these steps to maintain your clippers, your clients will be happy!

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