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Women have always been attracted to dominant men.

So, what does dominating a woman means? It’s simply, knowing what you want and going for it.

Unfortunately, a few men are born with this trait, and the majority of dominant men are self-made.

Let’s face it; men love to feel masculine weather it’s a dominant competition or with their women in bed. They enjoy it when their partner asks them to open a jar or pick up something heavy.

The ability to show their manliness and to feel needed by a woman is a dominant man dream.

That’s why men love feminine women, and the same way men love to be manly a woman enjoys being womanly.

For example- A common question she’ll ask:

“What do you want to eat today”?

And you’ll answer “Anything.”

You may think that she’s happy because she’s getting to choose what you guys are eating.

Well, guess what? You’re wrong. Women hate this, especially me. It’s a turnoff. You, her partner, knows what she likes to eat, and you should use this as an advantage for your choice.

Women don’t want to be making all the decisions they love when a man takes charge. Sometimes we want to tag alongside a confident and dominant man.

Is that so hard to ask for?

In this post, I’ll tell you how to be dominant to a woman in your relationship and in the bedroom:

How To Be Dominant When You First Meet A Girl?

 Dominant When You First Meet A Girl

When you see a nice girl that you are attracted to, take charge. Go up to her and say “Hi”. Talk to her and get her number.

Be confident even though she’s playing hard to get. Sometimes women test you by cutting the conversation short. Here’s what you should do if this happens make Assumptions.

Ask her if “she does yoga?” Her answer will be something along this line “Why would you say that.” You can take it from there by telling her “she looks like she does yoga” and keep the conversation going from there.

When it’s time to ask her on a date, don’t say the word “Date” ask her if she wants to go for a “cup of coffee.” Continue to have confidence via your body language and keep eye contact.

When you both become physical, hold her hand without asking her, the worst case scenario she’ll pull away but, that’s OK you can always try again.

Being Dominant In A Relationship

When it comes to women and dating, you have to know what is your plan for the relationship. Are you looking for a wife? A girlfriend? Or just one person you can hook up with and don’t want to be in a relationship.

What is it you want?

Any of those options are fine, as long as you follow through with what you want to accomplish. It’s up to you to carry out the relationship.

Pleasing your women and making her happy is essential, especially if you want to become dominant in the relationship.

Even a Dom in a BDSM relationship has to respect his submissive when she gives him the power. There is a lot to do with communication and consent.

Another essential part of being dominant in a relationship has to do with the partner you choose. Let’s face it, if your partner can’t respect you.

Or don’t want you to be the dominant person in the relationship; then it will lead to arguments, especially when both parties are fighting for power.

Being dominant does not mean you have to be a jerk to your partner but, allowing her to be her feminine self, and taking up responsibilities in the relationship.

Provide for her in the relationship, yes financially but, emotionally, physically as well. Whether it’s opening the door for her, providing a shoulder to lean on, by doing this she is going to bond deeply with you.

dominate in bed

You Don’t Have to Be Aggressive

Dominating a relationship doesn’t mean you have to be aggressive. It means you have to show your partner that you have your sh**t together, and you can sweep her off her feet at the same time without asking for permission.

If you are asking her for stuff throughout the relationship, “Stop at once” because you look needy in her eyes. Even though she says it’s OK “it’s not” How can you provide for her or be dominant in the relationship when you’re the needy one.

With that said, you don’t need to have a large bank account to impress a lady. Even though it works so well with Charlie Harper, it’s not a necessity. Once you can pay your bills without asking anyone for help, then you are taking care of things, in my book.

If you haven’t noticed, dominance goes hand in hand with confidence. Accepting a woman suggestion doesn’t mean you are not dominant as long as you have made the final decision.

How To Dominate A Woman Emotionally?

Dominate A Woman Emotionally

Women are emotional creations, so if you want to dominate a woman emotionally, you have to be a person, she can depend on regularly.

If you are in a relationship with her, then she must have peace of mind knowing that you will take care of things.

I have read, the article by Cal Pont about the Derek Rake- Mind Control Technique, he claims that if you break up with her for a short time. Go missing and answer her phone call with short answers.

Then tell her that you want some time off of the relationship. Push her to the limit then pull her back with a text “I Love You.”

But, can this work? It’s a bit risky, and to me, you look like a jerk. Why would you do this to achieve dominance? If she’s a catch, then other men will want her.

In that time when you have given her space, wouldn’t you have pushed her into another man’s arms?

Handling A Dominant Women

dominate her emotionally

Women will automatically take charge in a relationship, especially if she has come out of a relationship where she had all the power.

She will continue to take charge unless you are willing to take it from her. A lot of times, what happens with women who are in a position of authority at work.

They take that authority at home and in the bedroom.

But if you can show her that you are a leader and you are capable of taking charge. This will help her regain her feminine side.

It’s not our fault, if we want to take charge it has to do with our maternal instinct. We tend to take care of things, when no one are willing to take care of it, we get that sh**t done.

But, as the dominant in training, you want to say playfully yet, firmly, “I’m handling this” or “Why would you let me take care of this.

If she is willing, this will gracefully put her back in her feminine state. Now, this has to do with the partner you choose, because there are women who a natural alpha female.

How can you change a woman who has been an alpha female for 20 years? Honestly speaking, that’s possible when “pigs fly.” But, if you have done, this hit me a message and give me the formula because you have done an impossible task. My readers are waiting for your reply. Also, take a look at this article on how to handle dominant women.

How To Dominate Women In the Bedroom?

How To Dominate Women In the Bedroom

Being dominant in the bedroom doesn’t mean your woman has to call you “daddy” during sex.

But, you can show her want you want in the bedroom and tell her when she is doing it right.

Take control in bed, fulfill her every need and more importantly, help her reach climax. Why not try some light BDSM in the bedroom, grab yourself a pair of handcuff and blindfold and with her consent restraint her hands, and do what you do best, dominate her.

If you want to dominate her in bed, you can always try dirty talk. It’s pretty simple you are already thinking dirty thoughts during sex; why not tell her.

In Conclusion

To dominate, a woman in a relationship, the bed, etc. is to take control and have confidence in everything you do. Sure you can let her make some decision but, once the final judgment is your call, then you are already in control.

A dominant man, a king, always takes care of his queen, she stills want you to open the door for her. The first time you take control, she’ll test your dominance, remember to be confident with firm actions.

Once you have established that it’s her choice to submit to you and if you give her rewards, she’ll be loyal to you.

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