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How To Give A Mind-Blowing Prostate Massage

Have you heard the news? Men can get an orgasm through internal pleasure and Yes! I’m talking about the P spot. The prostate is located 2-4 inches inside the anus it rests behind the anal wall just under the bladder. The p spot provides a different orgasm compared to the penis when combined with ejaculation it’s a mind-blowing experience. 


If you are receiving the prostate massage, you’ll want to take a shower before and clean your anal cavity by performing an anal douche. The giver should always trim their nails and remove any rings from that specific finger as you don’t want to lose it on your partner’s bum.

The anus is a delicate area by trimming your nails before fingering will prevent any painful internal scratches. Also, make sure you the giver, don’t have any open wounds as bacteria can enter and this will not be good.

Warm Up

Especially in the beginning, you’ll want to start in a comfortable position usually when your partner is on his back and you are lying on top him. For warm-up try role-playing or do whatever he likes that will turn him on. The more he’s turned on, the better it will feel for him, if he’s not turned on, then it will feel like a medical exam.

Make sure your fingers are full of lube and massage the lube onto his anus. After, he’s hot and ready to start gently penetrating the anus with your finger. When you have passed his internal sphincter, this is the time to feel for his prostate it will be about 3-4 inches inside his anus an on the side facing his belly button. You are going to look for something that is sphere shape protruding into his anal canal. Once you’ve located it; press alongside the walls of his anus, then you’ll be ready to begin the massage.

The Massage

Always converse with your partner by asking him if this feels good or if he likes this. The first technique you can try is the “come here” type of stroke with your index finger. So you are stroking with your finger up and down the prostate.


You can also try sliding your finger in and out with slow penetrations in a circler motion around the p spot. When you find the stroke he loves that turns him on, even more, continue with this, you can give him a hand job while you are massaging his prostate to help him reach the big “O”.

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