make a girl squirt

How To Make Your Girl Squirt- In Under 3 Minutes

I assume you already know what squirting is, and if you don’t, you can read my post What is Squirting. This is just a post to help you make your girlfriend squirt. All you’ll need is lube, massage oil towel and your fingers.


A girl vagina is a delicate place; you must trim your nails to avoid any internal scratches. Trimming is not enough, ensure that you file your nails down to get rid of sharps edges.

Wash your hands and make sure it has no open wounds before placing your fingers in her vagina.

Let her know it’s not pee;

When a girl comes close to squirting, the sensation, she feels is very similar to wanting to pee. Therefore,  some girls haven’t squirt because they feel the sensation to pee and holds it in. Ask her to use the bathroom and empty her bladder before, so she can have peace of mind knowing she is not peeing. Also, let her know that it will feel amazing for her and it’s OK if she hasn’t squirt, just to lift the pressure off of her.

Make sure she is turned on.

She needs to be super aroused for her G spot to become enlarged so you can find it plus; it gets her there faster when she is turned on. Ensure that your fingers are all lubed up the “wetter the better.”

It’s all about hitting the G spot

The G spot for most women is about 2-3 inches deep inside her vagina on the front wall closes to her belly button. You will know when you touch this spot because it feels like a rough spot or a walnut in her vagina. When you want a girl cum with her g spot, you’ll insert two fingers about two knuckles deep.

How to Make Your Girl Squirt Techniques

After you have found the G spot, you’ll want to rub and massage it for a while using that come here motion. You can use your thumb and stimulate her clit at the same time.

As she about to cum you’ll want to make your fingers more ridged by tensing up your arms muscles.

Then from your arm muscles, not your wrist, you’ll start shaking, vigorously stimulating her G spot and rubbing back and forth on the G spot as well as touching her clit. You may notice your hands are getting tired do not stop or change hands; it’s a price to pay for making your girls squirt.

When she begins to ejaculate, keep going until she’s finished.

If you don’t want to do the Come Here Hitter, you can try the press a button motion. Press on her G spot as you’ll do a button and keep at it until she has squirted. The intensity depends on her if you are making this motion, and she doesn’t squirt try speeding up your movements.

This can be a starter before you do the Come here Hitter, to get her G spot all fired up. Rub on the G spot in a circular motion, this can be enough for some women.

Final Thoughts

Not all women are into squirting, and if she’s not into, it’s OK. You can find other ways to make her orgasm. It may take a long time for her to squirt and it may not happen on the first try, if she’s agreed to try again go for it.