Dirty talk to your girl

How To Talk Dirty To A Girl in Five Minutes

Do you want to know how to talk dirty to a girl without being slap? Or to turn her on? All women want someone to unleash the animal within and become extremely sexual with them. Men are visual creatures with sex whereas women are emotional, so we need to get out of our heads; that’s why dirty talk during and before sex always works.

If it’s your first time talking dirty to her; begin by speaking as you usually do then start slowly and then naughty. Talking dirty is a communication between you and your partner whether it’s a one-night stand or a long time relationship; communication is essential.

What is Talking Dirty

Talking dirty is letting go of your sexual fantasies through foreplay and sex. According to a book from Autumn Scott (How to talk dirty), she defines talking dirty as completely surrendering to your primal needs “being” in the moment and allowing the image from your head to turn into words.

How To Talk Dirty To A Girl?

Making Her Comfortable

Your first conversation with a girl should not be about “pussy” and “dicks” making her comfortable by talking about things you both like breaks the ice. This might take days or weeks; it depends on the girl- flood her with compliments, and she’ll eventually respond to your dirty talk.

The second thing I want you to do is lower your tone; you can talk to someone really quickly which is really engaging and full of excitement. Or you can slow it down and use words such as “desire”, “stimulate” and “explore”.

Start out small with non offensive words:

“I love your breast.”

“I love the way your pussy feels.”

When she becomes accustomed to this then put in swear words like:

“I fucking love the way your pussy feels.”

This not only warms her up for what’s to come but, makes her want you more. Tell her these things with confidence even if you don’t feel confident fake it until you are.

Say what you are thinking.

What you are seeing.

What you want.

When you say “You look fucking hot right now.”

You are saying what you are seeing and thinking.

Then, tell her what you want her to do.

“I want to suck your pussy.”

You can also introduce dirty talk through text messages by telling her what you want to do to her in detail. There is a reason why Fifty Shades OF Gray is very popular because the words stimulate us and talking dirty brings out our fantasy.

talk dirty

Asking about Her Fantasies

We all have these fantasy and desires we want to fulfill, but few of us share these thoughts. When you understand that women are sexual beings, are the moment you allow yourself to have these channels of communication. Chances are the woman you are talking dirty to appreciate that you want to know these thoughts and will fulfill them and telling them this is sexy in its self.

Make words your own words

You need to have your dirty talk style and words. Come up with words such as pussy (vagina), cock(dick), etc. Once you have those, you can build sentences on it. When you memorize a line that establishes confidence and consent will start you off from there.

Look for Signs of Disapproval

If you notice any signs of her feeling upset then slow down and take a step back. Dirty talk can lead to the most amazing sex, but it has to be done right; this means the girl has to enjoy it. If she reacts badly, don’t worry too much about it. 

If you want to talk dirty to her, Don’t be afraid you might say the wrong things. When you unlock this and understand that woman wants sex as much, as you do, you’ll open yourself to new ideas. When you get her to the point that she wants sex, check out our post for squirting encase you want to make her cum hard.