How to turn a girl on

How To Turn A Woman On With Words?

Are you having trouble getting your girlfriend turned on enough to have sex? You’ll think these things come naturally, but in fact, it takes some training. So how to turn a woman on with words,? In this post, I’ll tell you just that.

Let assume you have the basic ingredients to turn a girl on desire, passion, and a willing partner. But, you are a little self-conscious in this area and are challenging for you.

Luckily for you, learning these stuff is easy, if you are motivated and dedicated, plus you have searched Google to find the answer. Let say, that’s half the battle.

So what turns girls on?

Turning Her On

It’s very sexy to feel loved and appreciated. New couples will have an easier time thinking of each other throughout the day. If you are not physically with your partner, call to say that you are thinking of her.

When you are out with her- arrive on time, look presentable and well groomed. Don’t ask her where to go, come with a plan, and know the place beforehand. Simple things like- complimenting on how she looks and having a clean car sets the mood.

Women Are Turn On By A Man Who Knows What They Want

Knowing what you want means you are not afraid to take risks. The more you go for what you want the more she’ll be turned on by you.

By approaching her with confidence however, at the same time giving her an impression that you can walk away from her with no hesitation.

Getting her are not the only thing you want in life, tell her about your dreams, interests, and passions.

Body Language Is A Physical Turn On For a Girl

When you are with her walk with confidence- like you own the world. Furthermore, when you sit- don’t cross your legs and arms- leave this for her.

Stand with your back straight, legs open, shoulder width apart and your head held high. After all, you want her to know that you own the place. Make regular eye contact when possible but, don’t stare; no one likes a creep.

Look at her when you are talking, don’t look down at your feet.

Have a deep voice- You cannot change your God-given voice, but, you can slow down when talking. Talking fast will raise your pitch; studies have shown, women are attracted to men with deeper voices.

Add Some Music

Music helps set the mood, whether you are playing it in the car after a date.

You may also take your girl on a date to a music store to listen to a variety of romantic music she loves- this relieves you from the stress of wondering if she enjoys the music you are playing.

Try creating a playlist; the effort alone is a turn on. Music ties in with your plan, picture this, if you are nervous and forgets your game plan. Allow your choice in music to guide you- like starting with soft music then slowly raise the intensity.

Talking Dirty Is A Turn On For A Girl

Everyone finds talking dirty before sex is a turn-on, contrary to what most men think, women are very sexual creatures. Compared to men who are easily turned on with porn- women prefer erotica where she uses her imaginations.

The key is to find a level of sex talk the girl will find exciting. So, proceed slowly to get a feel of things and observe her body and face impressions. Her eyes may twinkle, or she’ll move closer to you if she’s getting turned on to what you are saying.

Also, you’ll want to stay alert for any negative reaction from your partner. If she gets upset, slow down and don’t get worried about this.

How To Turn A Woman On With Words

Keep switching, to spice up the conversation a bit; no one likes a long boring topic. Telling her stories are one of the fun ways to get a conversation going.

She’ll be fascinated by how well you can tell a story and in turn, she says one right back. These stories should be funny and exciting (no sad stories). Remember to talk about the emotion you were feeling when you are telling her your story.

Keep the conversation going with fun and positive vibes.

Ask her questions, and when she answers, reply with “tell me more,” That statement takes the pressure out of the questions yet making your conversation a playful one.

Also, it takes away from her thinking; the only reason you are with her is to get her in bed. Instead, that statement will reassure her that you aspire to know more about her and wants to connect at a higher level.

Ask What Turns Her On– If you ask her what turns her on, you are cutting your workload in half. Ask her about her fantasies and where she likes to be touched. When she opens up to you, and you do all the thing she wishes. She’ll be so turned on.

physically turn a girl on

Add Games

Games like palm reading are one of the best games you can play with a chick.

You’ll have her smiling and laughing in no time. You’ll want to do this when you are alone with her. Before she notices, both your hands will be touching while giving her ridiculous reading.

For some, turning a girl on is as natural as breathing but, for others, it’s not that easy. Be confident in the way you carry yourself.

Groom yourself, have fun dates, set the mood and mix with music is a turn on for a girl.

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