Is Erotic Massage Legal Plus Tips And Tricks

Erotic massages are intensely pleasurable and are one of the safest ways to explore your partner’s body.

Is erotic massage legal? If it is part of foreplay and you are in the convenient of your home. Then Yes, it’s legal.

It’s always a good idea to find out what your partner likes by getting feedback. Then, surprise him with new techniques, apply loving and gentle hands, and you’ll be able to give a mind-blowing massage.

Men love constant strokes that are strong and hard; they also enjoy a variety.

By communicating and asking him how he enjoys his touch, and how much of a variety he prefers set you to an auspicious beginning.

Men are visual creatures, especially when it comes to sex or any sexual act. So, let your boyfriend see what you are doing by placing him in a position to get the full view. Keep eye contact when possible and use lots of lubes, no one like a rough massage.

How to Begin The Erotic Massage?

Firstly, allow your partner to clean up himself and find a comfortable position where his hands are free. You may want to start warming up other places before you head to his penis. Gently rub together lube between your hands to get every inch coated.

Begin by stroking upward from his scrotum to his penis- let your hand move one after the other so, that it can feel like a continuous motion.

Then when you feel for a change, Allow your partner to coach you through the process of adding attention to the head of the penis. Start by placing one hand on the lower part of his shaft and gently rubbing upward on the corona using all your fingers.

For a twist:

While still holding the lower part of the shaft with one hand, with the other hand use your index and thumb fingers and make a ring around the corona. Keep doing that shape and twist your fingers to go as far as you can go- in one angle.

Up And Down Stroking

A common stroke man uses to masturbate, or some women use it to pause during a blow job. With one hand, stroke the shaft of the penis from the bottom to the head, by using a firm grip and a steady speed.

For a twist:

With the same up and down stroking instead of focusing on the shaft only. Turn your attention to the head, or the tip of the penis then go deep again.

exotic massage

Other Techniques For Erotic Massage

Double hand strokes
– Continuing with the Up and down strokes, place your other hand to the base of his penis.

Keep that hand in place and use the other hand to do the stroking.

While the other hand is stroking, add a twist down so, that hand can meet the hand at the base.

Exploring His Scrotum– Most men love when a woman plays with his testicles. This helps him from ejaculating too quickly, with that said, gently use your index and thumb fingers to form a ring around his scrotum and pull down.

With the other hand, stroke his penis in any way that feels good for him. Apply a generous amount of lubricant, and explores your partner scrotum further by wrapping your fingers around his entire shaft.

By doing this, you are massaging that 1/3 of his penis that is buried under the skin behind his testicles.

Massaging His Perineum– Some men haven’t discovered the pleasure his anus and perineum brings. But before you do this asks your partner if he would like to try. Make your hand into a fist and gently massage his perineum and alternate with your thumb.

Prostate Or P-spot Massage

If both parties agree to try a prostate massage, then you can experiment with this. His prostate is accessed through the anus. If you want to give your partner a p-spot massage, make sure he’s turned on.

You can use a latex glove or condom and coat it, and around his anus with water-based lube.

Tease and play with his anus opening to ensure his muscles are relaxed. If he wants, you can massage his penis as well. Then, ask him if you can enter him so, it’s on his terms.

Go in slowly, and encourage him to relax his muscles and to breathe deep into his belly to prevent his anal muscle from tightening. About an inch into his anus to the side facing his belly button, you’ll find the prostate.

Massage his p-spot with your finger curved into the come-hither motion a similar gesture that is used to stimulate a woman G-spot. You can also try tapping, rubbing, or holding the pressure in the middle of his prostate.

Happy Ending With P-spot Massage

When you are finished exploring your partner prostate, and he has ejaculated. Don’t pull out your finger too fast. Allow him again, to relax his muscles by asking him to take deep breaths.

While he is doing this, slowly bring your finger out of his anus.

The first time you perform an erotic massage on your boyfriend will not be the best. It is always good to laugh at the mistakes and try again.

After the second or third tries, it will get better, and eventually, your hand will know what to do without thinking.