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What’re Men’s Favorite Sex Positions?

We all know that men are visual creatures, this means a man favourite sex position is where he gets a view of everything that’s happening during intercourse. Also, the head of his penis has all the nerve endings; this means that any position that puts pressure on this area is perfect.

This does not mean us women, have to bend our body into awkward positions to satisfy our men. But you can consider some sex positions I mention below that will allow both partners to reach climax.

Doggy Style

The Doggy style is a favored position that man enjoys it creates a butt load of friction and calls for minimum penetration. It even satisfies men who love to see butt “jiggles”- it’s the ultimate turn on for a guy.

The man controls the rhythm and speed- he can trust how hard or slow as he wants as well as giving him control of sex. It’s an enjoyable position for both parties since his pelvic bone is rubbing against her clitoris. His hands are also free to stimulate your nipples and clit as well.

Adjusted Missionary

The goal of an adjusted missionary position is to make your vagina canal shorter, so he can enjoy deep penetration, when the woman lies on her back and spread her legs while the man lies on top of her and penetrates her.

This method gives him deep penetration and friction on the head of his penis.

Reverse Cow Girl

Here’s where the woman is in control of the rhythm. The reverse cowgirl is when the man lies on his back, and the women are on top; however, in a backward position. Another position for “butt lovers” since the man is getting a full view of her behind.

If she’s bend over, he can also observe his penis slides in and out of her vagina. Another visual aid that helps him climax faster and turns him on.

The good thing about the reverse cowgirl is that if you feel like he is coming to quickly, you can always slow down the pace. Slower motions give him a chance to cool down and tease him more a bit.

Sex At The Side Of The Bed

To successfully feel the full stimulation of this position, then you must have a high bed. You can purchase bed raises that stands higher off the bed than traditional beds you want both of your pelvic area to be in perfect alignment.

“Sex at the side of the bed” is a position where the man is in charge and is in control of the speed and thrust. He is going to get deeper penetration and has a better chance to hit your G spot.

When the lady lies to the end of the bed, and her man penetrates her, he has a better view of the action. Her hands are free to touch her body or reach up to stimulate her man’s nipples.


Oral is more of a sexual act; men love to be on the receiving end to oral. Oral sex is using your mouth instead of your vagina for stimulation. There are numerous position to perform oral sex; these include your man standing, and you are on your knees.

He can lay on the bed while you pleasure him. However, both men and women can receive pleasure from this sexual act with the 69 position. 69 is a reverse position that allows your partner to return the favor.

Make sure your teeth do not touch his penis since this will be a painful experience for him. Pay attention to the head of his penis; after all, this is where he has the most nerve endings.

Furthermore, the deeper his penis is in your mouth, the more of a vagina it will feel. This doesn’t mean you have to go full on deep throating his penis but, stay in your comfort zone until you are familiar with deep-throat.

There is a lot of sex position for men; these are just a few of them. Remember that men are visual creatures compared to women who are emotional creatures.

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