Orgasmic Tips For Girls

Top 7 Orgasmic Tips For Girls- Self Pleasure

Most women focus more on their clitoris during masturbation while, adding toys is a fantastic way to spice up your solo play. The simple idea of touching the right places can feed your soul. Another reason to switch it up in self-pleasure is -it makes you more aware of your body.

Like the different ways, of touching yourself activates different parts of your brain. Because when you feel different parts of your body, you are accessing different nerves making you more susceptible to achieving a full body orgasm. Here are seven orgasmic tips for girls that will enhance your self pleasure experience.


You do foreplay before sex with your partner why not do it during self-pleasure? Foreplay is essential since it gets you ready for masturbation and gets you turned on. Why not get started with a massage by rubbing your self down with oils from your breast down to your legs.

Focusing On More Places Other Than Your Clitoris

Stroking your urethra-this is a little way down the glands of your clitoris, and there is an erectile tissue around the urethra called the urethral sponge, slightly touching this place is very orgasmic. Stroking around the opening of your vagina is very pleasurable as well, since it teases your vagina for insertion of your finger or a sex toy.


Edging is pulling away before you climax start by touching your body and getting yourself arouse. Let the arousal build up to it’s highest peak then, stop the stimulation. Afterwards, you can either continue stimulating the area or switch to another body part, once you are cool down start all over again.


Take long breaths with a long exhalation as you self-pleasure. By inhaling and exhaling through your nose or mouth and doing this rapidly than you typically do. Will take you out of over thinking and allowing yourself to enjoy your experience even more.

Add A Sex Toy

Sex toys are designed to enhance your sex life and are perfect to use after your solo massage and edging to give yourself the ultimate happy ending. By adding a vibrator or anal toy to your solo date, chances are it will enhance your sensation and will be enough to tip you off the edge to orgasm. 

Stroke Other Parts Of Your Body

By stroking your breast and other parts of your body makes it a full body experience. Some women have lots of sensitivity in their anus, and they can have orgasms just from anal stimulation. What you can do is stroke your anus with a lubed finger by gently rubbing up and down or in circles.

Stimulate Your G spot

After you are turned on, you can place a finger into your vagina- you are looking for something that slightly bumped or ridge. Then you are making the come-here motion with your fingers while doing this and stimulating your clitoris you are in for a double orgasm.