Oster Fast Feed vs 76: Which is Better Clipper?

The best personality and a nice haircut is the sign of an urban man. For this purpose, you need a suitable hair clipper to keep your hair trimmed and manageable. Here, you can take the help of professionals and salons to get the desired hairstyles according to your personality.

Oster Fast Feed vs 76

But, if you do not have enough time to head to the salons, you can get your suitable hair clipper to try your desired hairstyles. So, from short to spikes, you can count on these hair clippers to stay in the fashion game. 

If we talk about the hair clippers, you can find Oster fast feed, and Oster 76 is in a row the best clipper. They both are eligible to provide your firm hairline and smooth-cutting experience.

To get them, you can place an order online or offline accordingly. Luckily, you have both options to get your preferred clipper and keep your hair as per your desires.

Even though both hair clippers are the best to have your favorite haircuts, you still need to find out the best one. For this purpose, we will discuss the comparison of Oster fast feed and Oster 76 to know which is best.

With the help of this practice, you can get the most reliable and durable hair clippers for neat and clean hairlines. Please scroll down below to find the comparison:

Oster Fast Feed hair clipper Details

Oster fast feed works wonders on any type of hairline as it is lightweight so you can hold it comfortably while cutting. If we talk about the design, it is sturdy, and you can find it a bit smaller than any other clipper. It comes with a rectangular shape that is useful for cutting the back hair when you are alone at home.

With the help of the compatible shape, you can get a fair idea of the exact blade direction, and this way, you can cut your own hair perfectly.

Oster Fast Feed

Oster Fast Feed

The look of this clipper is amazing and you can feel its vintage look on your hands while cutting. As we know, the main task of the clipper is to trim the hairlines, but the look provides a clipper attractive look. For this reason, many people like to buy it to have in their wardrobe. So, we can say look matters a lot.

We talk about the functionality, the fast feed comes in adjustable blades, and you can control the clipper with the help of a side level to get the basic hairlines. You can shift its blades from 0 to 1 accordingly for a better cutting experience. This way, an amateur can easily handle this clipper to get neat and desired hairstyles.

With Fast feed clipper, you can get 3 guards along with a blending comb. Even you can get their kits which include 8 Oster guards at the purchase of a fast-feed clipper.

Another discussion point is the motor, this clipper includes a Pivot motor to get a fast and smooth cutting experience. But, one point that makes this clipper weaker is that they cannot use it for bulk haircuts. Sometimes, the motor can choke if you use it on thick hairlines.

Fast-feed hair clipper provides you with quieter hair-cutting experiences without any noise. So, if you do not have thick hair, you can consider buying fast feed clipper.

Another best point to having this clipper is it is so affordable than any other clipper. Thus if you have a tight budget, you can buy a fast-feed clipper to get the everyday clean look for your office to become a pleasing personality.

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Oster classic 76 Hair clipper Details

Oster 76 is the professional’s first choice as it is made only for bulk cutting and heavy-duty tasks. You can find it a lot heavier than any other clipper that provides you with the perfect finish for haircutting. We can say Oster 76 is heavyweight, and if you have lots of people for haircutting, you can get easily tired because of its heaviness.

Oster Classic 76

Oster Classic 76

If we talk about the shape of the Oster 76, you can find it more circular and bulky. It contains the powerhouse, so one can find it a bit uncomfortable to use. But, if we see its body, it is just like the Fast feed clipper made out of fine material that provides a vintage look.

Due to its sturdy design, it is the choice of almost all professionals to do their haircutting tasks in no time. Further, the blades of the Oster 76 are detachable. If you want to control the length of the cut, you need to swap the blades from one another to get the desired finish. You can get the cut length from 0 to 1 accordingly. Here, we can say if you want to control the length, you must swap its blades, and it is a bit tiring task to get a haircut.

You can find a guard with blades that provide you the cleaner cutting every time, and this way, you can behave like a professional even at home. Also, you can get in this barber set blade guards, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, and blade grease. So, you do not have to worry about how you can lubricate the blades and how to clean them as you have the cleaning kit along with your Oster 76.

Now the time is to discuss the motor of this clipper it is a universal speed motor that can provide you with a fast cutting experience. Here, if you are an owner of a barber shop, you can comfortably rely on this clipper to cut the hair of all the people who come to your shop. Also, you can find this clipper more ergonomic design and fast cutting experience.

If we talk about the heating issues, you can find some of these in Oster 76, and it is a bit noisier than the other clippers due to containing the universal motor inside the pack. If you feel any heat in this clipper, you can spray some cooling agents on it to make it cool. Here, do not use water as it may spoil your clipper.

Now, come to the affordability of this clipper, we have found that this Oster 76 is costlier than the Fast feed and any other clipper. It is so because it is specially made out for heavy-duty work.

Oster Fast feed or Oster 76: Which One TO Choose?

As we know, everyone has their own choice and of course different needs. So, you must choose the hair clipper according to your needs.

Stills if you have alone at home and you want a clipper for yourself, you can consider buying an Oster fast feed as it is not suitable for bulk cutting. But, if you are a professional barber, you must opt out of the Oster 76 for bulk haircut experiences.

Further, if we talk about the affordability of both clippers, you can find fast feed is cheaper than the Oster 76. So, if you have financial issues, you can go for the fast-feed clipper.

Another point to discuss in both clippers is their motor. Fast feed clipper provides you quitter cutting experience with less heat.

On the contrary, Oster 76 is a bit noisier and has more heat while running continuously. Still, Oster 76 is the better option to buy as it is suitable for bulk cutting experience and provides you the fast haircuts even after being heavy and costlier.

In the end, these clippers are best in their ways and provide you best cutting experiences. You just need to list your basic needs to get a suitable clipper to get neat and clean hairlines.

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How to get Oster fast feed and Oster 76?

If you want to buy any clipper whether it is Oster fast feed or Oster 76, you can opt out of offline and online options. For online shopping, you must know the steps to place an order, and it is very easy to order. You just need to open the homepage of the eCommerce site and follow the given steps. That simple.

If you choose the offline shopping option, you just need to go to the shops where you can find these clippers. Make a choice and find the best clippers from your local market.

Comparison of Oster fast feed vs Oster 76

Features Fast feed clipper Oster 76 clipper
Recommended for Amateur Professionals
Motor Quiet pivot motor Single-speed universal motor
Blades Adjustable Detachable
Purpose of blades Light Cutting  All cutting purpose
Noise Somewhat quiet Bit noisier
Heat Less hot at the time of continuous running Gets hot while constantly running
Accessories Contains blade guards, lubricating oil, and a cleaning brush Contains a blade guard, lubricating oil, a cleaning brush, and blade grease.
Design Sturdy and ergonomic design Robust And ergonomic design
Cord available Not available  9-foot cord
Grip Comfortable  Comfortable
Cutting Experience Good  Good
Affordable Common person Bit costlier
Color choice Red Burgundy
Weight 1.7 pounds 2 pounds


After going through the above comparison, we have concluded that both of the clippers are the best and most reliable for their place. One can choose your favorite clipper according to your needs and budget.

If you think, you do not need to use a clipper not more than once a week, you can go for the fast-feed clipper. On the other hand, if you are a professional, you must choose Oster 76.

In the end, it depends on your basic needs. So, to choose your best clipper, you must figure out all your needs so that you can find your suitable clipper. But, if you do not do the same, you might get the wrong item. So, do this practice before buying a suitable clipper.

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