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What’s The Best All Day Butt Plug?- Beginners Friendly

First time using a butt plug? Then you’re in the right place! A butt plug is a fantastic toy for some backdoor pleasure, and to spice up your bedroom. Finding the best all day butt plugs for beginners is not that hard. There are so much available and a variety of material to choose from, but before you purchase your first toy here’s a little tip to help you get started and a few of our top picks.

Butt Plugs Anatomy

The parts you’ll find in every butt plugs are the bulb; this is the area that sits in the body and fills your rectum. The shape and size determine how easy or challenging the plug are inserted. Moving down, the plug you’ll find the neck; this is the area where your anal muscles grip to keep it in place. Finally, at the bottom is the base; it anchors the toy and stops your body from swallowing the plug.

How To Choose an All Day Butt Plug?

When considering an all-day butt plug, you must look at the length, size, and shape. This determines the sensation you’ll feel. Some butt plugs are shaped thin at the top and wide to the bottom (bulb butt plugs) while others are ball-shaped. With a bulb-shaped plug, your muscle can relax around the toy, and you can ease it into your bum with lube. Whereas, with plugs that a shaped like a ball; gives you a stretched out feeling and not the best for beginners.

If you are looking to explore prostate massage, you’ll want a plug with a curve that stimulates this area while some people can achieve prostrate pleasure from a bulb plug. Most of the time, these plugs surpass that area and will not give you the pleasurable experience you are looking for whereas, a toy with a gentle curve seek out the prostate area.

A Longer Butt Plug Neck Are Comfortable

 Then, there is the neck of the butt plug; this is the area that keeps the plug in your bum. A longer neck is more comfortable than a short neck, especially if you are wearing your plug throughout the day. Not only that a butt plug with a long neck is comfy and pleasurable, but it puts no unnecessary stress on your bum muscles.

Also, the thickness of the neck of a butt plug determines how stretched out you’ll feel. Most beginners sometimes only consider the top size of the plug, thinking that’s the area that provides the most amount of sensation, but a thicker neck adds to your pleasure as it makes you feel a lot fuller. 

Lastly, the base of all anal toys should have a flared base; this prevents it from traveling inside you. There are two main types of butt plug base. The common flared shaped base and the Tbar. The Tbars are the most comfortable as it fits perfectly in your bum cheeks.

There are lots of butt plugs to choose from some vibrate others don’t. Butt plugs are available in different materials most popular are: silicone, metal, and glass all these choices are easy to clean and smooth to the touch. 

Now it’s time to choose a butt plug here are top picks for butt plugs for beginners

What Is The Point Of A Butt Plug?

Using a butt plug has many benefits: It is a toy that is used for anal penetration. Many people enjoy the sensation of their anus being penetrated and stretch. It magnifies the anal pleasure you are experiencing during sex. Also, decreasing the size of your vaginal canal, giving your partner a snug fit. For men, using a butt plug intensifies orgasm because a plug pushes on your prostate. The prostate is considered the male G-spot.

How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug?

You should not wear a butt plug for over 2-3 hours. Your anus has blood flowing through, and when you stretch your anus for a long period, it reduces that blood flow. If you are feeling uncomfortable, bloated or your body is pushing the toy out. That is an indication that it’s time to take the toy out.

While wearing a butt plug for a long time sounds appealing, you should not!

Can You Sleep With A Butt Plug?

There is not much research on this topic. However, you should not spend 2-3 hours with a butt plug. Sleeping with a butt plug is not recommended. So if you are going to try this, listen to your body and if you are uncomfortable; remove the plug. I also suggest finding a durable silicone lube to use as our body takes longer to absorb silicone than a water-based lubricant.

Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Set (3 Piece)

What makes this plug a beginner friendly is the three size stage that allows you to stretch gradually. They are made of quality materials and are easy to clean as well as very smooth with no seams or hard edges. 

The Liquorice training kit are all you need to go from beginners to expert. As a beginner when you use the first size, we suggest that you start in the shower and use lots of water-based lube. You can place it on the wall with its suction cup base to enjoy some hands-free play. Also, use this size for at least a month once you have mastered the small you should then move on to the medium.

The plug’s tapered tip makes it easy to slip inside, and the suction cup base gives you hands-free play.

Finally, the largest of the three when you’ve reached this size you’re in for mind-blowing orgasm you can achieve from anal stimulation. Overall, these butt plugs are very beginners friendly and are one hell of an experience.

The Sizes

  • 3 inches long 3.5 inches wide (small)
  • 4 inches long 4.5 inches (Medium)
  • 5.5 inches long 6.5 inches wide. (large)

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Jelly Rancher Pleasure Anal Training Butt Plug Kit (3 Piece)

Adam And Eve Glass Anal Training Trio

Another great toy for some back door fun, especially when you’re in a beginner stage. Each size provides a different sensation. Furthermore, each comes with velvet travel bags. The smallest is an excellent size for newbies; you can use any types of lube. 

It takes time to work yourself up to the medium size so don’t get frustrated. What makes Lovehoney.com the perfect online store, to shop for toys? Is they are super discrete no one will know what’s in the box except for you. We give them a big thumbs up for this.

Compared to the booty boot camp the glass is easier to clean and dishwasher friendly. Warm or cold sensation, each is pleasurable. The glass is a little on the heavy side especially the largest butt plug.

Above all, the glass training kit gets the job done and one of the best for a first time “pegging” and prostate play for men.


  • 3 inches long 2.8 inches wide. (Mini)
  • 3.8 inches long 3.8 inches wide (Small)
  • 5.75 inches long 1.55 inches wide. (Medium)

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Colt Anal Butt Plug Set (3 Piece)

anal training kit

A fabulous anal kit will you get ready for play with your partner or self-pleasure, and the Colt Anal Trainer Kit is no exception. Sometimes training kits can be a little awkward, but this kit gets you ready for anal play and sex. Compared to the Jelly Rancher largest plug the Colt is massive, but it’s possible to reach to that level with lots of lubes and patience.

They are flexible and works with your body, and the material is safe for humans. Like Lovehoney.com they arrive in discrete packaging and is easy to clean.

To clean; use antibacterial soap or wash with mild soap and let it dry.


  • 4 inches long 1 inch wide.
  • 4.75 inches long 1.5 inches wide (Medium)
  • 5.5 inches long 2 inches wide. (large)

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The best all day butt plugs are the training kits because they are easy to use and ease you into becoming an expert without putting too much pressure on your bum. Just remember to use lots of lubes and clean your plugs thoroughly.