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The Best Butt Plugs For Pet Play

Butt plugs are a great way to spice up the bedroom, add extra stimulation and introduction to anal play. It can also provide a filling sensation for vagina sex and comes in beautiful packages. There are six main types of butt plugs; these include glass, metal, silicone, vibrating and curve.

Silicone plugs are silky smooth and are the perfect choice for beginners. However, you’ll want to use a good quality water-based lube. Vibrating butt plugs give you add pleasure because they vibrate, they are also fantastic for couples play. Now, I have briefly explained butt plugs, if you are looking for a detailed post on plug you can always check out my post on butt plugs for beginners.

Let’s dive into the world of Pet Play.

What is Pet Play?

Pet play is a type of kink or fetish where the submissive enjoys role-playing as animals, mainly domestic pets. Typical roles in pet play include; puppy, kittens, unicorns, horses, rabbits, pig play, etc. Some people love this type of play because they can switch into the metal-state of an animal. Others enjoy rolling around and playing, dressing as pets, and giving total control to the dominant, by having that person take care of them and providing that special bond we have with our pets.

Another reason submissive enjoys pet play is the discipline aspect of the play as well as the rewards and treats pets receive when they have been a “good boy/girl.” In that scene, Subs find comfort in relinquishing their human responsibilities and adapting the simple nature of a pet. Others find dressing as a pet is sexy and arousing in itself. Within pet play, people relate to a specific animal or the breed of that animal. Pets will wear collars, paws, ears, tails, etc. whatever it takes for that person to feel like the pet they are role-playing. For this post, I’ll focus on butt plugs pets wear as a tail.

There are no “clear cut” rules in Pet Play in terms of what makes you that particular pet.

Dog Butt Plugs For PetPlay- Master Series Dog Tail

Dog tail butt plugs get you in that playful mood and stimulate the prostate at the same time.

Medium butt plug alert– Enjoy every moment of role-playing as a dog with the Master Series Dog Tail. With a flexible tail, you’ll enjoy every tail wag this butt plug has to offer, It’s not as tapered as other plugs, however, with lots of lubrication slipping this plug up your butt is easy. Customers complain of melting plug, but this occurs if you use silicone lube with this toy.

The flared base ensures this plug doesn’t get lost in your anus; it also keeps the tail lifted for a full tail look and experience. The base sits comfortably, especially on play dates, and the thick neck offers extra stimulation. Clean this butt plug before you use it in your play with anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Because, you have to glue on the tail, take special care of this toy, overall a weighted dog butt plug that makes the user feel full, however, I would not recommend this toy for beginners.


  • Cheap.
  • Flexible and stays in place.
  • Realistic.


  • Made of rubber.
  • The tail is separated from the plug.
  • Doesn’t have a size option.

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Kitten Butt Plug-Frisky Silicone Cat Tail Anal Plug

Kittens are very playful independent creatures, they love the attention their master gives them and enjoys playing with toys. A kitten butt plug is a heavy plug compared to foxtail or pony plugs. I would recommend an alternative like a clip-on tail, however, if your kitten insists on using a butt plug, he/she can always try the Frisky silicon cat tail.

They are made from hypoallergenic material and is body-safe. Additionally, the tail is long and flexible and will be the highlight of every playdate.


  • Body safe.
  • Great Price.
  • Small.


  • Heavy.

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Foxtail Butt Plug- Fox Play by DOMINIX Deluxe

fox tail butt plug

Fox play is prevalent amongst the pet community, the submissive (usually the fox) incorporates the characteristic of this animal and are generally referred to a fox.

However, they can call themselves “vixen” or kit. Foxes are dominant creatures and not as domestic as dogs or cats. Fox owners may try to domesticate his/her fox or leave their wild tendencies.

Unlike the dog and kitten tail butt plug, the foxtail is easier to find online and are of exceptional quality. It brings out the animal in you and is excellent for fox play. The soft and furry tail brushes against your sensitive areas and is available in silicone and metal plugs.

DOMINIX Deluxe Steel Medium Faux Fox Tail Butt Plug– A beautiful black and brown faux foxtail that is easy to clean and maintain. It’s not a beginner’s plug since it has a circumference of 3.75, but you can always step up to this size with a training set. The flared base and detachable faux tail make it easy to wear when you are in the bedroom and is not pet playing. The fun part of using metal plugs are- you can use anal silicone lube which lasts longer and has the perfect glide.


  • Looks real.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Pretty color.


Not affordable.

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Bunny PLay Butt Plugs- By Tailz

Bunny butt plug

Bunny Play involves the submissive acting as a bunny without its tail; This play wouldn’t be complete. Bunny butt plugs are easy to find especially online, this particular plug is from Tailz, The circumference is 3.25 a great size for beginners and expert alike. The faux fur is soft and pink; it has weight to it, so it makes you feel fuller and looks cute while your pet bunny hops around. The tail is pink so you’ll need pink bunny ears and nose.

This is a well-crafted plug that is worth trying.


  • Metal plug that works with any lube.
  • Thick fur.
  • Girly color.



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Unicorn Butt Plug

Pony Butt Plug

This pony butt plug features silicone material and requires a water-based lube. The hair is not as full as expected and has a curl to it. However, if you want straight hair, you can always adjust your straightener to it’s the lowest setting to achieve your desired look.

The neon colors will help put you in the headspace for unicorn play plus; The hair is silky smooth and long enough to tickle your inner thigh. This plug size is beginners-friendly, and the silicone is made from only body-friendly materials. It’s flared base make sure the tail is in the right position at all times. Similarly, you wouldn’t have to break the bank because it’s a cheap plug that is well-made.


  • Comfortable.
  • Fun to wear.
  • Colorful.


Hair tangles sometimes.

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It’s not a rule to use plugs as a tail but if you are looking for extra stimulation during a scene or in the bedroom butt plug is your best bet.