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The Best Tail Butt Plugs-Reviews

The first question anyone will ask is- Why would you want to wear an animal tail butt plug? It’s fun to wear obviously and brings your fantasy to life. Most people wear these tails to intensify their role-play as well as crawl on the floor to pretend to be an animal, or the tail can be a soft and beautiful add-on to your butt plug, and preparation for anal sex.

Why Buy An Anal Tail Butt Plug

For pet play of course, or you’re in love with the feeling of a tail dangling from your butt. The best part of using a butt tail is crawling on all fours and pretending you’re a fox, bunny, or unicorn to name a few. All the plugs, I mention below, arrive in discrete packaging with only you knowing the contents. Also, the prices are below $50, and they are of excellent quality.

If you’re looking for the best tail butt plugs lucky for you, I have done my research and found the top choices based on reviews and personal experiences. I am quite a fan of butt plugs and has a collection of both faux fox and unicorn tails, so you’re in great company! 

How to use A Butt Plug

First things first, there are two rules of anal insertion- warm-up and lubed, warm-up meaning relaxing your anal muscles by placing a finger or something small and tapered so your bum can be ready for a plug insertion.

Lots of Lubes

Generously, lubricate your toy and your bum; the reason we do this is that you don’t want to create any friction as this is very painful. Also, make sure you get lube on the tip around the body and the neck.

The Position

There are three main positions to inserting a butt plug; all fours some find it easier to slide the plugin this way. On your back with your leg, raised- Put a pillow under your bum; this raises your pelvic making insertion more comfortable. Lastly, squatting- You can place the plug on its suction base and lower yourself slowly on the plug just as you do a squat, I bet, you are familiar with this position.

The Insertion

 Start slowly as well as continue slowly and gently with whichever position you are most comfortable with. Once the tip is in then, you’ll notice how super easy it is to insert the rest.

Foxxxy Fox Tail Glass Anal Plug 

tail butt plug

The Foxxxy Fox is a gorgeous butt plug from Adam & Eve, glass toys, in general, is fun as you can play with temperature. Similarly, the color of the plug is gold with a shiny appearance. The size is 4.5 inches in length and a cool 1.46″ wide not too big, and not too small, it’s a perfect size.

No harm came to foxes while making this butt plug as it’s a 9″ tail made entirely of faux fur. The fur and plug are easy to clean, and the tapered tip makes insertion effortless. Make sure the fur doesn’t get any lube on them as it will be difficult to clean. Also, be careful not to pull on the tail too hard as it may detach from the plug.

Foxxxy fox works excellent for pet play if you’re a tall person this tail might be somewhat short so just take a note of this. Otherwise, it’s the perfect fake fox tail butt plug and will get the job done.

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Unicorn Silicone Rainbow Tail Butt Plug

If you’re in for some magical fun, then this is the perfect unicorn tail butt plug. The size is equivalent to a medium size plug. Also, the material is durable and is made of quality silicone. The colors are more like a neon while, wetting the hair will lead to a hell of a tangle. However, this tail is by far one of the softest hair in the market.

When you’re finished, make sure not to pull on the hair but pull on the base of the plug to prevent detachment of the tail when you’re removing it from your bum. Moreover, you can use your hand or a brush to make the unicorn hair even fuller. Let your partner gently tug on the tail during penetration; it’s the most fantastic feeling ever; it’s literary hard to explain.

The size is 3.75 inches in insertable length, as well as 4 inches in maximum girth and the plug is easy to clean. Make sure you wash it thoroughly because silicone toys tend to keep a smell. But, Overall it’s a beautiful tail.

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EasyToys Small Aluminum Faux Fur Arctic Fox Tail Anal Plug

fox tail butt plug

Wow, this fox tail butt plug is white and lovely it slides in you easily with lube, of course, The synthetic fur is very soft even though it, not the real thing it sure feels like it. The coat is safe and has no odor. The tail is 15 inches long and is the perfect length to dangle and tickle your bum.

Unlike silicone, metal plugs are far easier to clean, and the temperature play adds to the sensation. Dip in a bucket of ice-cold water for a cold play or warm water. I am confident you’ll enjoy every bit of this.

Even though it’s on the small size, this plug still gives you that fullness feeling the metal has a little weight to them which you would not find in a silicone butt plugs.

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Washing Your Fur and Unicorn Tail

Washing Faux Fur

When it’s time to clean your fox fur tail, dip in soapy water and wash it gently. After, the tail air dries then brush the fur; this maintains the fluff this process works for unicorn tail as well.

Washing Real Fox Fur

For the real fox fur, avoids dipping the entire tail in water instead use a damped cloth and soak it in mild soapy water, be as gentle as you can. Then, use your hairdryer on its lowest temperature to dry the fur as well as brush.  

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