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What Is the best Vibrator For Women Under 60?

Contrary to popular belief, women over 60 enjoy sex. However, these women may experience sexual health problems related to ageing, and incorporating sex toys into your play can make it better. Vibrators help you overcome any sexual issues that you may have encountered from vagina dryness or decreased sensation and low sex drive.

What are the best vibrators for women under 60?

  • We-Vibe lipstick vibrator.
  • The Je Je Mini.
  • Rabbit Vibrator.
  • Lovehoney Classic Vibrator.
  • Massager Wand Vibrators.

Today, We want to talk to you about the best vibrators for women over sixty to incorporate into your sex play. No matter how old you are; we want you to have lots of fun! If you are a beginner to sex toys, you don’t want to buy the biggest products around. We suggest that you start small with a bullet vibrator or even a classic vibrator, so, without further ado, here are our top picks.

Try A Bullet Vibrator Like The We-Vibe Lipstick Or the Lovehoney Dream Bullet

We-Vibe lipstick vibrator has eight-speed and functions with one button to operate, making this bullet very easy to use. Little bullets like these are ideal for clitoral stimulation and not for internal use. Most women tend to orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and that rarely happens through penetrative sex. So, if you are someone who’s not experiencing orgasms during penetrative sex, it’s because you do not have enough clitoral stimulation. As we get older, that sensation often decreases, but this is not always the case. Some older women still enjoy intense orgasms. So, a little bullet can help you enjoy clitoral stimulation. It’s also great for solo play and for couples. You can run it down your partner’s penis to stimulate the head.

Why Buy the We-Vibe?

  • Strong orgasms.
  • USB rechargeable and waterproof.
  • Remember the last patterns.
  • Easy to use, one button click

If the We-vibe is above your price range, the Lovehoney Dream bullet is below twenty dollars and gets the job done.

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Je Joue Mimi 

The Mimi soft has a pebble-like shape that fits nicely in the palm of your hands. It’s a very discreet toy making it the perfect vibrator for women under 60. The Mimi is rechargeable and has a range of pulse patterns and flattering sensation rather than the buzz of vibration. 
It’s expensive, but a unique sex toy. The lower vibrations provide an enjoyable sensation against your clit. The Mimi has a superb squishy tip making it gentle to use externally. This product doesn’t look like a sex toy, it’s seamless and is the ideal gift to give to your partner.

Why Buy The Je Je Mini?

  • It comes with its own charger to plug in laptops or home sockets.
  • Five-speed and Six patterns.
  • Two-button interface.

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Rabbit Vibrator Great For Women Over 60

The Fun Factory Amorino is ideal for beginners because of her size. Sometimes with rabbit vibrators, their fingers are too thin; however, the Amorino has a lovely thickness. We have no fault with this vibrator, and it is just so satisfying. This vibrator has a beautiful curve to stimulate your G spot. Even though she is small, she’s mighty and is excellent for both solo and couple’s play.

Why Buy The Fun Factory Amorino?

  • Six intensity with five vibrating settings.
  • Rechargeable and soft.
  • Waterproof.
  • Travel-friendly.

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Lovehoney Classic Vibrator

vibrators for women over 60

A classic vibrator is a very popular first-time sex toy, and the Lovehoney vibrator has over 900 reviews. It’s a beginner option and one of the best vibrators for women under 60. This is just for older women who want a simple but pleasurable vibration and is easy to use. She’s waterproof and is great for any play and shower sex. 
If you are someone who experiences vaginal atrophy because of menopause or ageing. Then, this product will help with virginal tightness because Lovehoney Silencer can stretch the walls of the vagina.

Why Buy this Classic Vibrator?

  • Very quiet.
  • Seven Inches.
  • Excellent price.

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Massager Wand Vibrators

vibrators for women over 60

The magic wand is an external vibrator that is used for clitoral stimulation. It’s a dual massager that relieve achy muscles and for orgasms. We love it, for our painful backs and neck, but it’s even pleasurable for clitoral stimulation and running against your partner’s penis. It also helps women who take longer to orgasm because of its strong vibration. You can’t go wrong with a Magic wand. They are amazing and get the job done multiple times. If you can’t afford the Magic wand, you can opt for a cheaper alternative like the Lovehoney Multispeed Micro Wand.

Why Buy Massager Wand?

  • Powerful Vibration.
  • Dual-purpose.
  • Rechargeable but some are not.

See price For The Magic Wand or the Lovehoney Multispeed Micro Wand.

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Don’t Forget A Great Lube

We always recommend that you buy a lube to pair with every sex toy and during sex. Ensure that you use a pH balanced lube rather than anything else. If you don’t use pH balance lube, it can upset the PH balance of the vagina, and this can lead to infections. Organic lube can help women who have vaginal atrophy because it nourishes the tissues and can make sex feel more pleasurable rather than uncomfortable or painful. Remember to use water-based lube with silicone toys because they always keep your toys in excellent condition.

Here’s a list of great lube:

This is just an overview of our top vibrators for women over 60 as age should not prevent you from having powerful orgasms and great sex.

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