The Top Four Male Masturbation Toys

I know you have gone through your fear share of male masturbators looking for the real deal vagina or butt. If you haven’t heard already, then you are reading it here- there are no male sex toys that will feel exactly like those areas. However, there are excellent products that will feel similar to it. Luckily, for you I have done my research and test some on my hubby, to find the best male masturbation toys in the market.

Tenga Flip Hole Zero

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This pill-shaped goodness is an amazing masturbator and the Rolls Royce of all strokers. Only Tenga has that virtually play for your junk where the sensation is at the forefront.

When you first penetrate the toy, it floods you with new sensations that will make you cum quickly. There is a lot of suction to this product and has a snug fit on your penis. The Tenga is easy to use; you can either open it up and apply lube, or you can squeeze lube the usual way into the opening (the hole) and then slip your dick inside.

There is a pocket inside the toy that caresses the head of your penis for that added sensation. This mastubator is easy to clean, slide up the rails and pull it apart, wash it out with warm water, or spray antibacterial toy cleaner inside. Afterward, prop the stroker open to dry on the rack. The experience of using the Tenga is unique; it looks and feels like a toy you’ll see in the year 2030. Overall, it’s one of the best male masturbation toys, you should buy this product since it gives you the best sensation and orgasm.

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Adam & Eve Bangin’ Betty Stroker Kit

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Not only do you get a heavy-duty masturbator kit for both vaginal and anal play but, you are getting an incredible four hours DVD that gives you explicit instruction on how to use this product. Unlike the fleshlights, you are getting two different feelings from the vaginal and the anal opening. The anal opening is tighter, and hugs your penis while to the vaginal opening is detail and similar to a pussy.

The butt cheeks are firm and have some jiggle to them but, not huge to hold while masturbating. Similarly, it has some weight to it, and some may consider it a heavy toy. The weight is not a bad thing since it holds it in place during penetration. The anus is position awkwardly, but some men don’t mind this, while others complained of the small opening unless you have a giant penis; this should not bother you.

Every Silicon toy requires you use a water-based lube since this ensures your toy stays in tip-top shape for future uses.

Another great male masturbation toy that is easy to clean-use warm soapy water or Lovehoney sex toy cleaner and leaves it to air-dry. It might not look like a futuristic toy like the Tenga Flip Hole Zero but, it will give you the hands-free experience you enjoy when using a stroker.

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Renegade Vibrating Massager 

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Some men underestimate the power of prostate stimulation, it’s like a woman G-spot. It a whole new pleasure that goes beyond the penis and is a must-have for every solo play. With that being said, the Renegade is very soft with no resistance making it easy to slide in your butt with lube. There are two sizes to choose from number 1 and 2 vibrators, the larger massager is more for intimate users.

It’s a powerful massager, and you can feel the vibration all over the shaft especially at the anal opening and on the perineum. Made with body-safe silicone, the Renegade has a second layer of powder silicon that allows it to maintain its soft touch. Since the bullet is located to the end of the massager, some men complained of no sensation felt on the p-spot. Furthermore, others said that then number 1 vibrator could not touch the prostate because it is too short.

Every man needs to know the magical feeling stimulating your prostate brings, one massager amongst many is the Renegada. You can buy the real deal here and use it for added pleasure when using a Fleshlight.

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Vulcan Shower Stroker Male Masturbation Toys


As you know the Tenga Flip is the ultimate stroker; however, it’s a bit pricey, and if you don’t have the extra bucks to spend on the Tenga, you can always buy the Vulcan. Straight from the box this masturbator is beautifully packaged and very discrete.

There is a handy cord to hang in your bathroom; the material is very realistic and hugs your penis. Even though there is a suction noise during penetration, you can always remove the sleeve before use. It may not be the best masturbator in the market, but it’s the best for under 20 bucks. Paired with the Renegade Vibrating Massager, this will make an excellent stroker for masturbation. If you are looking for more P spot massagers check out our post on 4 Prostate Sex Toys For Intense Orgasms.

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