Long distance sex toys

WHat’s The Best Sex Toys For Long Distance Couples?

My views on long distance sex toys:

As you know, I have been experimenting with new toys. Like many couples, we had our fair share of geographical distance between us due to urgent business trips.

But it’s about time I catch up with technology and find an additional toy for times, when my husband is out on his yearly business trip. After reading many reviews to find the best couples sex toys, Max and Nora were the toys we have chosen.

Because it took about a week for me to finally pick our sex toys, I have created this post to make this process a little easier. I used all the features I looked for when it was our time to buy LDR toys.

The Best Long Distance Sex Toys

We-Vibe Sync

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The We-vibe Sync is a beautiful couple toy that stimulates both the woman clitoris and her G-spot at the same time as well as her partner penis during sex.

Like most long-distance sex toys, the We-Vibe Sync is controlled by the We-connect app. There are ten vibrations, and eight-speed setting- your partner can control from a remote location.

The two arms of the Sync provides intense orgasm for both you and your partner. Furthermore, the c-clip has multiple bending points that bend and curve to your partner’s body.

The app is easy to use, and the user has complete control of the sensation and vibrations. Great for solo and couple play and works well during sex, especially when your women enjoy external stimulation as well.


  • Adjustable arms both users can find the best position for stimulation.
  • Both remote and app-controlled.
  • Quiet.
  • Perfect for travel.
  • Remote controlled vibrator.


  • Expensive.
  • Clitoris arms slide sometimes.


Max and Nora

Max and Nora

Max and Nora are two separate toys you and your partner can use without being in the same room, state, or even country.

Lovense Max- Max is a masturbatory sleeve that feels similar to a woman vagina, and stimulates your partner penis until he reaches the big “O.” The inner sleeve features soft porous material (“skin-like TPE,”) that vibrates and contract around his member.

The difference between a regular male masturbator to this long distance relationship must-have is the Bluetooth chip. The chip allows the man to connect it from his phone for solo play. Plus, his partner can hook it up to their phone and use it anywhere around the world.

Lovense Nora- The Nora is a rabbit style vibrator that encourages dual orgasms. It stimulates both your woman clit and G-spot and has an insertable length of 4.72 cm.

It has a curved shaft for G spot stimulation; additionally, it has a clitoral mold that fits every woman body. Like Max, Nora has multiple simulations that feature both the vibration and rotation of the shaft. You can control this with the button or connect it to your phone.


Max uses realistic skin for the sleeve.
Both toys have many sensations.
Control both on the toy or with the app.


Nora’s vibration weak.
Chat app glitchy.


Lovense Edge

Prostate massagers

Lovense Edge stimulates your lover prostate, what sets it apart from other p-spot massagers; are you can control the toy with Bluetooth and with a smart-phone. It’s a bit costly for a sex toy and is worth the price.

The Edge is a wireless controlled massager that you can operate with your phone. It has many features that give the user a new experience every time. It is hard enough to tap on the prostate firmly but soft enough to feel comfortable.

With the app, your partner can control the Edge from anywhere around the world. By toggling through low, medium, and high setting, the user has a choice between unlimited vibration patterns that tailor his needs.

It’s a bit large for newbies, so consider a smaller toy, especially if you are a beginner to prostate play. The Lovense Edge is a fantastic toy for LDR couples who are looking to spice up their relationship. Combine the Max with the Edge and relinquish all the controls to your partner.


Unlimited vibrations patterns.
Adjustable to curve to his liking.
Bluetooth and app usage.


Sometimes connective issues.


Clone A Willy & CLONE-A-PUSSY

Clone a willy

Clone A Willy is a great way to clone your partner’s junk and is a personalized toy for long distance relationship. The kit comes with detailed instructions and materials to create a life-like version of his member.

Like the Clone A Willy, the Clone A pussy allows your lady partner to clone her vulva. The Clone-a-Pussy kit contains everything you need to start this project. Even though it’s not advance as Nora and Max, your partner will appreciate the realistic look these products bring.


Looks similar to your partner genitals.
Fun project to do.


Takes a lot of tries to get perfect.
Your partner can’t control the sex toy.
Gets boring.


Launch and Fuse Couples Set

long distance sex toys

The Fleshlight Launch, paired with the OhMiBod Fuse, takes long-distance sex to a whole new level.

The Launch– Launch offers a hand free experience for your male partner. It allows you to control the strokes using your smartphone. The user can connect to interactive video sites or link with the Kiiroo Fuse for couples play.

Kiiroo Fuse- The Fuse has that ability to respond when it comes in contact with your skin. The Fuse puts you in the driver’s seat, to control your partner sensation through Bluetooth and VR compatibility. Furthermore, the Fuse makes it easy to synchronized so, you and your partner can experience the same pattern and speed.


Allow you to customize your pleasure.
Hands-free experience.


The Launch is huge.


Are long distance sex toys worth the money?

Yes, of course!

Even though these toys are costly, they are worth the price. Although it is not better than having sex with your partner, however, I’d rather not go cold turkey. Sometimes this is the only option for couples when your partner has to work, and you have to work. Spending those video calls with each other strengthen the relationship as well as give your partner some control in pleasuring you from a remote location.

Still, skeptical on whether to by a “teledildonics”? Let me identify the pros and cons.


Easy to control.
Luxury toys.


Noisy sometimes this can kill the mood

Sometimes the app doesn’t work.
Just toys.

LDR couples
Young couple together at train station

How to Choose The Best Long Distance Sex Toys 

The best long distance toys should feature safe body materials, and the apps must work. Even though in some reviews you’ll read of bad connection; however, not every app works 100% perfect all the time.

LDR sex toy features depend on customer choice. Some may like strong vibration, while others prefer a variety of textures the Fleshlight offers. However, the Launch doesn’t include the sleeve, but, the Fleshlight company has a wide range.

The reason we choose Max and Nora because the app is easy to use, Nora provides great clitoris stimulation, and it’s an overall, sturdy product.

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