Top Five Remote Control Vibrators For Date Night

After a long week of blogging, a date night with my husband was long over-due. We decided to go to the movies, and this was the perfect night to try out my remote control vibrating panties.

I’ve always been a bit adventurous, so I slide in a vibrating butt plug as well as the vibrating panties. On the ride to the movies, we would giggle knowing that we’ll be keeping a dirty secret.

Every stop light, he’ll pull out a remote and tease me with a pulse. Fast forward to half-way into the movie, I realize I went a too far, after two mind-blowing orgasms I had to take out the bullet from my panties but, I still left in the plug.

Needless to say, I had to leave some strength, so we could enjoy some extra play because those orgasms drain the life out of me.

If you are looking to buy a remote control vibrator for your date night, check out these amazing toys.

Lovehoney Hot Date 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Panties

vibrating parties

Have your self a fun night in public with your partner with the Lovehoney vibrating panties. The fabric of the underwear is nylon, which is soft and sexy. The ribbons make these panties easy to remove, and it’s one size fits all.

Your partner will enjoy how sexy she looks in this product and on the plus side, it’s not itchy.

Inside there is a separate pocket where the bullet vibrator sits, which you can also use independently. The bullet features skin-safe plastic.

Operating the bullet is simple-there are only one button to press; it has ten speed and three continuing speed that varies in intensity.

The vibrator is quiet, so no one knows what’s happening except you and your partner.

It’s waterproof, and you’ll enjoy teasing your partner close to the edge and then stopping.


  • Water-proof.
  • Quiet for public use.
  • Not attach to the parties so you can use for other simulations.


  • The controls are sometimes hard to use.

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Nexus Ace Medium Extra Vibrating Butt Plug

remote control  vibrator

A vibrating butt plug is a great way to take your Date night to the next level. It’s one of the most sort out sex toys, for public pleasure. The Nexus Ace is a bit pricey for a butt plug but, it’s worth every bit of cash.

The ribs on the neck of the plug make gripping even pleasurable, not a beginner friendly toy. Nevertheless, it’s girthy, but with lube anything is possible. (It’s my motto)

The Nexus Aces make the perfect travel sex toy, especially for a honeymoon or stress-free vacation. The best sex happens during a trip with your partner, and this butt plug teases her for both anal and vaginal sex while the vibration stimulates his prostate.

I can go on and on about the pleasures a butt plug brings, especially when in public it’s one of my favorite toys. The material is smooth and fits snug.

It’s flared base is just the right size to ensure that you don’t over-insert the plug up your butt, as well as comfortable when sitting and walking.

The remote flat surface fits discreetly in your partner’s hands, not even the table next to you can hear the vibration. This plug has six vibration patterns that you can access when scrolling through with one button.

Forget the price tag on the Nexus this will spice up any date night, and even daily activities such as going to the grocery or even to the movies. Trust me on its highest setting no one will hear a thing.


  • Easy insertion.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Pleasurable butt plug with or without vibration.


  • Expensive.

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We-Vibe Jive App Controlled Wearable Love Egg Vibrator

We-vibe jive

A luxury product like the Lelo and the We-vibe makes date night pleasurable and exciting.

Who would notice that he’s controlling every tickle you feel with his phone? The We-vibe features body-safe material and lasts up to two full hours of extended stress-free play.

There are two ways the user can operate this product with the retrieval cord or the We connect app.

Your partner controls it with his smartphone by sliding his finger up for increase speed or slides down for slower vibrations.

With lube, it sits in the vagina, comfortably pressing against the vaginal wall while stimulating the G-spot at the same time.

It’s water-proof, and USB charged- all the good stuff an expensive toy provides.

Another toy that grips the vagina, making it unlikely to slide out plus, its flat cord fits comfortably by sliding between her legs — a fantastic toy for a dinner date.


  • Soft material.
  • Long lasting charge.
  • Controlled by smartphone.


  • Needs stronger vibrations.

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Lelo Hula Beads Remote Control Rotating Beads

vibrating toy

It not only vibrates it also rotates, “mind blown” I love that it looks similar to a kegel ball, because who hasn’t used one. If you insert the toy half-way into your vagina, your cilt feels some vibration.

However, when the user inserts the entire toy, she’ll experience the rotation hitting the G-spot, as well as the vibration she will feel throughout her vagina.

Great for both solo and public play, since your partner has full control of the speed and patterns.

It is a bit noisy on it’s highest setting but, at the movies or somewhere loud, the noise will drown out the sound. Like all luxury products, the material is soft and smooth as well as expensive.

This toy requires lube because it’s big and I recommend that you walk with a travel size bottle of water-based lube in your handbag to reapply when necessary.


  • The remote fits in his/her hand with ease.
  • Light remote even with the batteries.
  • The remote vibrates same time with the wearer, so the person holding the remote knows what their partner is feeling.


  • Noisy.

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Tracey Cox Supersex Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

remote control vibrating egg

Not everyone can afford the We-vibe or the Lelo; let’s be honest you can buy at least three other toys with those prices. So, what can you get instead?

Well, the Tracy Cox remote control egg, of course, this particular brand has high-quality products for reasonable prices.

It has the exact features you’ll look for when buying a sex toy for public use- quiet, flat discrete remote, a variety of speed, and it’s comfortable for the user.

Although a pricey remote control vibrator has more variation in speed and patterns, once your partner is experiencing and intense orgasms and loves every minute of the session, then you have found a great toy.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Durable.


  • Short battery life.

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Date night sex toys

The thought of your partner bringing you close to the edge then stopping leaving you all wet until he reaches home, just to tear off your clothes and take you right there, gives even me chills.

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