Human Puppy Traning

Top Human Pup Play Toys, Training And Treats

Hey pups, I would like to talk to you guys on toys and activity within pet play. A lot of times when you are new to pup play and has your pet gear, then what? How else can you incorporate a new thing into your play? 

That is what I’ll cover here.

Firstly, you can enhance your pet play with toys. These can be squeaky toys. They are fun, cute, and makes a lot of noise when you pick them up. The only challenge with toys design for pets is; They are a lot harder to pick up with your mouth because pup toys a bit too wide. However, don’t let this affect your play choose a toy that has small parts- like the pet toy’s feet that can fit into your mouth.

Types for Human Pup Play Toys

If you are a pup who don’t like squeaky toys, they are interactive pet things that make playdate exciting. Like the Outward Hound Interactive Puzzle Toy, they have little squirrels your Handler can place all around the room for you to find. For playdates, you and other pets can toggle it around, and when you fling it, the tiny squirrels will slump to the ground. You can play fetch with them; this inactive toy is a fascinating addition to your pet play supplies.

Other Amazing play dates toys are

Similarly, if you are a pet who’s more on the destructive side, There are plenty of silicone and plastic options. Like a toggle toy; For example, the Nylabone smooth ring. These toys are very sturdy, with a bit of flexibility. What so great about this particular toy? It’s small enough to fit into your pet’s mouth, and you can have a gentle toggle between you and two pets or between you and your Handler. These types of toy explore other areas of play other than squeaky and fetch toys.

What About Bones?

There are real bones and substitutes. I would not recommend real bones to human pups, so I’ll stick to the rubber bones. These bones are great for fetch and make the best chew toys; You can spend all day chewing on these little bad boys. You can get gags that specifically for human use. An excellent example of this is the Bingx; They are puppy theme and fits in your mouth, especially when training and adding sex to the scene.

More Bones

Add Leashes And Pet Bowls

If you want to add restrictions to your pup play, you can always add leashes to the collar your pet is wearing. You have the choice between long and short leashes. A long leash gives your pet more space to socialize with other animals, while a shorter leash forces your pet to play in proximity, especially if they are crawling around the floor of a dungeon.

 You can buy leashes at your local pet or online stores which is discrete. Pet bowls add that little extra to pet play; You can eat food and pet snacks out of them. The shallow bowls are comfortable for humans to eat out. The deep pet bowls are a little difficult for your pet to access their food, especially with pup hoods.

Human Puppy Training & Treats

With pet play, there are no rules that say you have to follow all the characteristics of the particular pet you are role-playing. Some problems pet face, especially if they want to be trained in pup play is; how can they make training realistic?

 Being a pup is leaving your human thinking behind and getting in the headspace of a puppy. Who has to learn from scratch. For example, if your Handler says, “rollover” your human mind know what to do. It’s challenging to use the language you understand and not have your brain think for you.
A lot of times, what people get from training as a human pet is learning and having your handler/Owner/Dom/Top/Daddy takes the time to teach you and the joy you experience when pleasing them. 

However, as I mentioned before if you use the language, your human pet is accustomed to you are taking out the aspect of learning out of pup training. That’s why, using treats and making up language/hand signal and teaching this to your pet, is in a way making training new to them. 

For instance, scenes are always planned ahead, and if you make up a signal/language for “sit” and “play dead” and continue with this. Making training feel authentic as well as having your pup associate a particular signal or language to whatever movement you are teaching them.
As a pup, you are in that headspace, meaning that you cannot rollover before you can sit. Your human mind knows that step, but the puppy has to learn. You’ll have to start from the beginning like teaching your pup how to sit, lay down, play dead, and finally rollover.

human pup treats
This makes a great Human Pup Treat. They can break up into small pieces, and they are a combination of sweet and salty


Treats can help with training and showing your human pup; You are pleased with their training. Having your pet smell, the treat through your hands encourage them to continue with training and rewarding them when they have done well. Let your pup scratch or bark at your fist that has the treat in them when they are frustrated.

Types of Treats to Feed your pet when they are Training

Types of treats depend on the pet and their handler, you must give your pup something that he/she enjoys, so it will motivate them to train. This treat should be small because if it’s too big, he/she will become full faster. Making your pet sluggish and wouldn’t want to continue. Salty food makes your pup thirsty while too many sweet treats can make them sick to their stomach.

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