Wahl Senior vs Andis Master: Which Clipper is Better?

From casual to professional, your every look will be completed with the help of a suitable haircut. The best haircut makes you confident and provides you with a decent look.

Here, the saying is absolutely true “First impression is your last impression”. Of course, if you look good, you feel internally confident, and this way, you can impress anybody with your ensemble.

Wahl Senior vs Andis Master

As we know, a nice haircut needs a hair-cutting tool that can provide your desired hairstyle

If we talk about haircutting tools, we should trust in the quality and durable tools that can provide you best haircutting experience. Here, we can rely on Andis master and Wahl Senior hair clippers which are must-have tools to get the preferred hairstyle within a few seconds.

They both are of robust body and precision material and with their help of them, everyone can get smooth and comfortable hair-cutting work. These clippers can cut off even thicker and more complicated hairs in a jiffy. 

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Since both clippers are the best for any type of haircut, we still need to find the best out of them. For this purpose, we must compare them with each other in order to discover the most clipper. To find the comparison, you just need to scroll below:

Wahl Senior Clipper Details

If you have lots of haircuts every day, you can rely on the Wahl senior clipper as it contains every needy feature to get the best and smooth haircutting experience. You can find a smooth layout in these clippers, and even the blades are the best and of good quality. As the name shows, the Wahl clipper is suitable for professionals and meets their every need for satisfaction.

Wahl Senior clipper

Wahl Senior vs Andis Master

You can get a neat and clean haircut every time as it contains an electromagnetic motor that runs smoothly and quietly. If you are in a hurry, you can use this clipper to get fast cutting, and even it is noise-proof as well. So, it is the must-have option for professionals to make any type of complicated haircut within a few seconds without any irritating noise.

If we talk about the outer body of this clipper, you can say it is robust and precise as it contains some spots in order to provide you with the perfect gripping. So, you can hold it in either hand to get a smooth and manageable haircut experience.

Also, you can find combs of three attachments in this clipper to get clean and fine cuts. You can affix all the combs near the blade base to get your cuts easily done. So, it is the best features to find out in these clippers that make this piece essential for professionals.

Taper is also found in the clipper to switch the lever back and forth to find the best movements between the separate length options. With the help of these switches, you can get shorter, closer, and even larger cuts. Thus you can become the best professional in the town with the help of this clipper. You can also find an 8-foot heavy-duty cord in this chipper that can provide you with a consistent workflow.

Even though its motor is good enough, still many people find its noise irritating, and hence you can say it is a bit distracting voice. Let us move on to the blades, you can change them occasionally with the help of a screwdriver. Here, you must require proper attention to changing the blades so that they can become even. Some find this task complicated, but it is occasional.

You can get blade guards and brushing combs with this clipper, and even you can get oil with it. So, you can say it is the best in all manners, and therefore all professionals like to use this clipper for most haircuts.

Andis Master Clipper Details

If we talk about the design of the Andis master clipper, it is amazing and comfortable. You can easily hold your hands and move accordingly on the head to get the desired haircut. Rather than having a robust and decent body, it contains numerous other best features as well.

Andis Master Clipper

Wahl Senior vs Andis Master

This 15-watt clipper comes with a neat and clean layout. It also contains a curve on one side which provide you with a smooth surface in order to get a perfect grip. You can use this amazing clipper with both hands which provides you with a comfortable haircutting experience. Further, if we talk about the outer body, it is robust and shiny that can mesmerize anybody to have this clipper.

Andis Master clipper comes with a magnetic motor to get the most suitable haircuts. Also, the motor works faster and smoother. Thus you can get a sound-free haircutting experience, and even it does not make any noise. So, you can quietly cut your hair and enjoy the moments.

Further, You can set it up in two ways as you can use these blades in two positions in order to get a firm and smooth haircut finish every time. Here, the perfect design enables you to handle both positions well to get a suitable cutting experience, whether thick or hard hairlines.

If we talk about the weight, you can say it is super light, and it is because of the aluminum body. As we know, aluminum is light weighted and durable, thus it is the reason for its lightweight. You can also find carbon steel material on the blades that make the blades sharp and keep them sharp forever as well.

You can also find an eight-foot cord in the clipper that makes it firm and easy to set up in order to get a smooth-running experience. Also, the wire is super flexible that can be handled easily. So, you can comfortably consider cutting the hair of your clients and even everything can use at home to cut their hair on their own.

Further, if we talk about some cons of the Andis Master hair clipper, it does not pack with enough features, such as you can not find a hair guard, comb, and many other attachments. You need to buy these accessories separately, but they do not come with a clipper. Also, you can not find a brush with it in order to clean the unit. Here, you can buy the brush separately for the same purpose.

Wahl Senior vs Andis Master: Which one to choose?

If we talk about the Andis master, it comes with an electromagnetic motor known for its durability, but it makes noise while running. Wahl senior contains a magnetic motor, but it does not create any voice. Further, the Andis trimmer is light than the Wahl senior, so if you want a lighter-weight trimmer, you can choose the Andis master for the best haircut experience.

The Wahl clipper contains three holes to change the blades and the Andis master contains only two holes for changing the blades, here we can say that the Wahl clipper is better than compared to the Andis master in terms of replacing blades. The grip of both of the clippers is fine and manageable to get a comfortable haircut.

In the end, they both are good enough in their place. You can choose any of them according to your needs as they both come with almost all the required features. So, to choose the best one, for this purpose, you just need to list your needs and find your best match.

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Wahl Senior vs Andis Master: Which is affordable?

If we talk about affordability, you can find the Wahl clipper is more affordable than the Andis master. Also, you can get them offline and online as they both can be found easily in any market. So, if you are a professional, you can for the Wahl clipper as it comes with all the required features that are used by professionals.

One thing, it is also cheaper than Andis. But if you are a person who wants to cut hair at home, use the Andis. So, it depends on your choice whichever you choose. You can select anyone that suits your needs best.

Comparison of Wahl senior vs Andis master

Features Andis master Wahl Senior
Body type Extra rugged aluminum Plastic top and chrome bottom
Motor Electromagnetic

14000 SPM



Blades Flexible side lever to control the blades Rigid lever
Purpose of blades All-purpose from heavy to light  All cutting purpose
Noise Somewhat quiet Bit nosier
Heat Gets hot while constantly running  Less hot at the time of continued running
Accessories No guard included Includes 3 guards
Design Sturdy and quality material Robust
Holes to change blades Contains 2 holes to change the blades Contains 3 holes to change the blades comfortably
Grip Comfortable  Comfortable
Cutting Experience Good  Good
Choice Common person professionals


After reviewing the above discussion, we have concluded that hair clippers are the must-have options for all urban men to look stylish and be in fashion. If we talk about the Andis master and Wahl senior clippers, they both are good at their jobs, and you can get the best experience of haircuts with both of them.

Also, both clippers are easy to available in the market and even affordable as well.

If you are a professional, you can get the Wahl senior clipper as it is specially made for professional work. Otherwise, if you are an average person, you can adopt the Andis master for the best hairstyles at home. It is up to your needs whether you choose from both of the clippers.

So, make a choice from both of the clippers and get your favourite clipper for the best hairstyle in order to become the talk of the town.

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