How to please a woman

What Does Foreplaying Consist Of? Tips And Tricks

Never underestimate the power of foreplay, since a pleasurable and fulfilling session is the pillar to pleasing a woman in bed. Don’t cut foreplay short; an extended play makes for enjoyable lovemaking.

Sometimes foreplay are one of the most memorable parts of sex. Would you believe, some ladies remember the way he/she kisses and touches her more than the sex itself. Here I’ll introduce you to foreplay ideas that will please a woman.

Foreplay starts before you enter the bedroom since being kind to your partner 24 hours a day, makes your partner look forward to the next love-making session. Being helpful by doing chores like- washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, etc. puts her in a good mood.

A simple touch or hug lets her know that you are even passionate outside the bedroom. If you are sweet to your lover all the time, she’ll want to make love to you and vice versa.

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Flirting Before Sex

Can you remember the first time you met your partner?- There was a chemical reaction that is known as flirtation. It’s the primary form of interaction between couples who express interest in each other. Flirting consists of eye contact, or a brief physical contact.

Sadly, today, flirting is done on your phone, tab or, laptop through email or online chat. But, when you add flirting during foreplay by winking, batting of the eyelashes or just knowing that you are interested with massages or kissing is a turn on for most ladies.

Pillow Talk Are not Only For After Lovemaking

Pillow talk is a chance to unwind during a hectic day. It is a particular time when you and your lover are in bed, in an intimate setting in the bedroom. Pillow talk can happen before and after sex for some; it’s a break down of their day while for others, it’s joking and kidding.

However, these talks should not be about financial troubles or anything sad; you can’t solve in bed. Pillow talk is encouraged for women who yearn for closeness and intimacy from their lover.

During pillow talk, sex can happen, especially when you kiss, cuddle, or stroke your partner.

Erotic Massage

A massage is a great way to begin any sexual experience. It gets her body warm-up for what’s to come. Preparing ahead is the best thing to keep in mind, you don’t want the oil to close to your valuables, and make sure you have a large towel or bowl.

To begin, allow her to lay on her stomach, encourage your lady to relax and ask her if she wants anything before you start. Start by rubbing your hand together to warm up the oil and to get both hands coated.

Place the oil on her back and let it stay there for a while, gently massage her thighs, butt, waist, and back. Nothing can get your lover to relax than a sensual massage from you. Tease her with verbal foreplay, ask your partner if she enjoys it and tells her how much you are turn-on by your hand on her naked body.

Now, focus your attention on her breast; women love having their breast massage upward and the outsides under the arms. Use gentle circular strokes around her nipples and areola.

A massage takes time and planning, but, taking the time to investigate every inch of your partner’s body. Discovering her erogenous zones, you’ll open up your relationship to stronger intimacy and connections.

Please a women
Erotic massage

Sensual Touch Your Partner

Another way to explore your partner’s body during foreplay are sensual touches. Here are some simple ways to touch your lady:

  • Have your hands, fingers or your cheeks light as a feather, just to stroke the hair on her body.
  • With your fingernail lightly scratch your lady inner thighs, buttocks, head or back.
  • Light nibbling on your partner is very sexy, especially by the ears and neck. Blow on your lady’s ears- on her face or over her genitals.


Kissing is one of the easiest way to please a woman during foreplay. The lips are susceptible and receptive to stimulation. A lot of people keep their lips stiff without relaxing them, which is required for good kissing.

Always remember to lick your lips, open your mouth slightly, then tip your head and softly forward. Add French kissing, by- placing your tongue in your partner’s mouth, and she does the same.

Kissing can go on for a long time once it is playful and erotic activity.

Some Focus To The Ear

The ear is an erogenous zone and has many nerve endings. However, you should approach her ear slowly with a little teasing. Use soft breaths and get close to the ear- with slightly open lips breathe around and behind her ears.

Kiss the ear lightly. Then move down to the lobe and continue to kiss and add some extra verbal teasing. Remember to remind your partner to relax and get comfortable after all; you want to turn her on and get her ready for sex.


Humping is anything sexual without the actual penetration of the genitals. Body to body is called Frottage, couples will rub their body together, especially their sex organs for pleasure.

By touching and rubbing her genitals while kissing- this is erotic and exciting and is an excellent way to learn the touches she likes. Sex toys like vibrators and dildos are used to increase excitements and intensify orgasms.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, flirting, pillow talk, being kind to your partner, humping, erotic massages, sensual touches, and kissing can please her during foreplay. These things don’t involve penetration of the penis and are very pleasurable.

The line between foreplay and sex is indefinite; both involve many other things. The main difference is the intensity and the actual penetration. So, spending enough time and foreplay lets your, partner, get ready for lovemaking.

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