puppy play

What Is Puppy Play- Pup 101

Puppy play or Pup play is a person who is role-playing as a dog/puppy and in that headspace. It is also about having a Handler/Owner/Sir/Master who’s in charge of the scene. It’s not necessarily a sexual play, but, for some, it can be. 

Pet play was not always defined as this term and has been around for a long time. Some believe this play derives from the stories we grow up on and comics such as cat women and wolverine. For some in the BDSM community, pup play can revolve around power exchange as long as each party consent. This play can run for 24 hours or just for the scene, making puppy play a flexible play and about communication between the Handler/ Owner/Sir/Master and pet.

Puppy Play Do’s and Don’ts

  • Don’t approach someone in a puppy mask and touch and play with them; pups need their space.
  • Don’t disrespect the collar and especially please don’t touch a pet collar without asking. A collar means a lot to the person wearing them. The best thing to do is ask if you can touch their collar and if they agree, then proceed with caution.
  • Do give love to your human pup with tummy scratches, petting, treats, whatever your puppy needs to strive.
  • Don’t play with a pup tail because you wouldn’t do this with a real dog, so don’t do it to your human puppy. While some tails come in a belt form, others are butt plugs, and you can hurt that person.
  • Do have fun.

Human Puppy Play Roles

A role in puppy play gives someone a part to play in the scene. A human puppy can be an easy or complex role. In puppy play, you have the power to choose which role suits you. The puppy role (usually the submissive) is very diverse.

  • Puppy- Puppy is someone who identifies as a pup and is in that headspace.
  • Dog– A dog is someone who adopts the characteristics of a dog; they are more obedient than a pup and doesn’t require as much training. They have been in the puppy scene for a long time and is someone who prefers a long-term play.
  • Dog boy/Pup boy-Is someone who identifies as both a puppy and a boy and is a submissive person.
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega- This is a form of a pack, and people tend to fall into these roles when they are dominant, but they are still a pup.
  • Stray/Uncollared– Someone who is not wearing a collar but identifies as a puppy. They are independent pups who don’t need a Handler.
  • Slave Pup– Their Handler owns them; However, they have given their consent.
  • (Insert Gear) Pup– They identify as a pup but has a strong feeling towards a specific gear.

What Is A Pup Handler/Master/Owner/Daddy/Ms?

A Handler is someone who takes care of the pup. They are responsible for the well-being of the puppy – this means feeding, playing, etc. It is like the relationship a human has with his/her pup. Some enjoy training while others are more loving and spend most of their time cuddling with their pet.

Puppy play does not discriminate and accepts everyone for who they are. To me, puppy play is escaping the life of a human to become a carefree pup.

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