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What Is Squirting? And Toys To Help You Squirt

Is squirting a myth? Some seem to think so, but it’s a real thing, in reality, lots of people can squirt during sex and masturbation. Squirting is the release of fluid (not pee) from direct stimulation. The liquid is released through the urethra and passes through the bladder when tested there a small amount of urine; however; it’s a trace amount.

Female Ejaculation and Squirting Is Not the Same

Squirting happens with or without climaxing and is sometimes mistaken for female ejaculation. Female ejaculation occurs at the point of climax and releases a milky substance from the Skene’s gland whereas squirting is an involuntary response to firm stimulation. Squirting happen when the G spot is stimulated, but some ladies claim that clitoris stimulation gets the job done. Often a glass or metal toy leads to squirting as well as persistent firm massage of the G spot results in the build, of fluid in the bladder and at some point the muscles release that fluid.

It’s all in your head!

Let’s not forget mental comfort and relaxation combined with G spot stimulation; these three things will eventually lead to squirting.

how to squirt

How To Squirt?

What most of us think of squirting we tend to visualize the dramatic scene from porn with female ejaculation flying everywhere. Sometimes this is not always the case since nothing in your sex life will go exactly like pornography, and this is fine.

Some squirt with male penetration but for those who can’t (me) and are attempting to squirt on your own- should use a dildo with a curve shaft they are specifically designed to massage your G spot. You can merely rock the vibrator around to find your G spot when you do- keep putting pressure on it, and if you are relaxed and turn on enough; you should be able to squirt.

 G-Spot Sensual Glass Dildo

What makes this beautiful glass toy perfect for G spot stimulation and squirting is its curved shaft and the double side for both anal and vaginal play. Using glass toys, on the whole, is fun as you can play with temperature. Since the sensual hold temperature well, it is easy to dip in cold or warm water for added sensation.

There are few cons to this dildo the only problem women may find is a dislike for glass toys other than that it’s a perfect ten. One side of the dildo has a smooth feel to it with a bulb for the head while the other side has four ribs which makes anal play pleasurable. Even though I haven’t tried this toy myself, I have heard only positive reviews from satisfying customers. 


  • Length: 5.9 inches
  • Insertable Length: 5 inches
  • Circumference: 4.2 inches

Overall, one of the best glass dildos out there, it’s a work of art! You would not find lube necessary, but I recommend that you lube up as the circumference is a little on the larger size.

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njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

Personally, I lose interest in new sex toys in a week time. That’s just me! But The njoy G spot metal wand, I have been using for a month now it’s a fantastic toy, and I’m proud to be a female who squirts, one downside is its super heavy, and it gives my vaginal muscles a hell of a workout, I don’t mind since it keeps me tight for the hubby.

The toy is very shiny and well-made unlike the Sensual Glass, the njoy – is not a toy to move in and out with, the toys stay in and then you have to move it to a direction that feels good. With lube, it slips in easy I used the small end as the big end get some getting used to, after using this for a month now, I have noticed no scapes or marks.

What I realize with metal toys when tucked away and not in use it takes up the temperature of the room it’s in. Because of this, my njoy are sometimes cold to the touch. Since metal hold temperature so well I could warm it up by dipping it in warm water.


  • Made me squirt.
  • Great for temperature play.
  • Hits the G spot


  • Heavy.
  • Gspot hurts sometimes.
  • Poor Instructions.

I am so in love with this toy!

Lelo Gigi 2 Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

I have been window shopping this vibrator for a while before I could purchase it. I bought this wand specifically for days when I’m too tired-since the njoy sometimes have my hand worn out. The vibrator gives you that hands-free experience, during sex. I was not worried that my hubby would be too rough on my G spot since he didn’t use it.

The silicone material is very soft to touch although I found the tip to be a bit hard overall, it has always been a pleasurable experience. Since I have been regularly squirting for months now, I could eject within 10 minutes because the vibration of the Lelo is powerful even on its slow setting it still massage my G spot.

I’m impressed with how versatile the Lelo is as I could achieve clit orgasm when I crank up the vibrating speed. I didn’t much experience any cons when using this product. But, after doing my research before buying I came across some ladies complaining of low speed and short life span.


  • Hits the spot.
  • Rechargeable.
  • Hands free.


  • Hard tip.
  • Expensive
  • Low speed.

To conclude, I used to be frustrated during sex when I couldn’t squirt or achieve a G spot orgasm. Clitoris orgasm has always been my go-to girl for muscular contractions and sexual excitements; however, after discovering these gods sent squirt toys. Now, I could achieve multiple orgasms and an upgrade sex life yeah me!