The Best Urethral Play/Sounding Kits For Beginners

Urethra play

Urethral play or urethral sounding is inserting a toy into your urethra, also known as your pee hole. These acts do come with a few more risks compared to anal or inserting a sex toy into your vagina.

The reason for this is that your urethral is a delicate area but, with proper preparation and research, you can explore this area safely. Urethral play is pleasurable for both sexes. However, women have a higher risk of getting a UTI from this play.

Women urethra is shorter than males and therefore, close to the bladder. It’s also a bit harder locating a woman urethra, that’s why it’s a popular play amongst men, plus there are more toys available for urethral play for men than women.

Why Do People Do Urethral Play?

The urethra is packed with nerve endings and is sensitive to different touch. Men find this play arousing because it is located at the head of the penis. However, men have a longer urethra, and it’s closer to the prostate.

Yes, you can stimulate the prostate through the anus but, the only way to access the prostate directly is through the urethra. That’s why experimenting with urethra play is exceptionally pleasurable.

With all play, there are different ways to achieve pleasure with urethral sounding. Some people like shallow play that teases the tip; others prefer deeper penetration and direct contact. Of course, there are the girth lovers who enjoy the stretch sensation from the urethra sounding.

DOMINIX Deluxe Penis Plug with Glans Ring For Urethral Play -Beginner’s Friendly

Urethra sounding

The Dominix is excellent for shallow play and is used to stimulate the head of the penis. You can wear this throughout the day or in the supermarket for some outdoor fun. The short section is inserted to the tip of the penis, and the ring is there to prevent over-insertion.

With a quality lube sliding this sex toys into your urethra is super easy and this plug holds securely in place. It’s not a thick toy, so it’s perfect for beginners. This plug looks like a jewel on your penis and will bring you a lot of pleasure.


  • Well Made.
  • Great Price.
  • Tapered head for easy insertion.


  • Difficult to remove.

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Sextreme 6mm Double Ended Stainless Steel Ribbed Urethral Dilator

Urethral Dilator

These are designed for deep play and stimulating the prostate as well. This toy is suitable for women also, as I mention above a woman urethra is shorter than men so, of course, you wouldn’t need to full length of this product.

The Sextreme features a round tip for easy insertion, and the ribbed texture adds extra stimulation. They are perfect for people who enjoy deep and stretch penetrations. There have been no complaints of difficulty peeing or tenderness; however, this toy is a bit long and heavy.


  • Easy to clean.
  • It is ribbed for added stimulation.
  • The weight helps for comfortable insertion.


  • Heavy.

DOMINIX Deluxe Sperm Stopper with Glans Ring Urethral Sounding

Sperm Stopper

This sperm stopper is another toy that provides shallow stimulation of the urethra. It fit in 1-2 centimeters into the penis, so you slip the ring around the head of the penis and the part with the ball, you slide into your urethra.

The ring not only keeps it in place but, enhances sensations since it stimulates the head of the penis. Also, as the ball sits in the urethra, it adds a stretch out feeling and prevents ejaculation.


  • Prolong wear.
  • Use during sex.
  • Benefit both partners.


  • It can’t fit everyone.

Things To Consider While Using A Urethra Sounding

Use the right toy-Using toys that are designed for this play reduces the chances of accidents. With urethra play, girth is more important than size, so you want to choose a toy that matches your urethra size.

Material-If you are new to urethra sounding you might want to buy something flexible like silicone. But, most people like metal toys because they are smooth and slide in easier than silicone toys.

Sterilize yourself and The Toy– The urethra is a delicate area, and if you don’t wash your penis or vagina, and sterilize your sex toy before it can lead to infections.

Take your time– Slip in your urethra sounding tool slowly with a sterile lube. Also, always insert and remove your toy while your penis is flaccid since the head of your penis will be softer.

Listen to your body- If you are in pain or it’s incredibly uncomfortable during urethra play.


If you have injured yourself seek medical help as soon as possible.

If it’s your first time trying urethra play and you are experiencing a burning sensation when peeing, “Don’t panic.” This is normal because your urethra is not accustomed to objects inserted inside it. However, if the burning does not go away after 24 hours have a chat with your doctor.

All information on this topic is for informational purposes only and are not intended to serve as a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and medical treatment of a qualified physician or healthcare provider.

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