What Is Zero Gapping Clippers – A Complate Guide

If you tried too many clippers and didn’t get the precise result you want and have the passion to take your hairstyle to the next level. In this scenario, zero-gapping clippers can help you.

what is zero gapping clippers

So in this article, we’ve described what is zero-gapping clippers and why it is important to get a haircut like a professional barber does that fulfills your expectations.

For that, you need to learn how to use important factors that might use when you try to do a haircut with Zero Gapping Clippers.

What is Zero Gapping Clippers

Zero Gapping means you have to adjust the blade of the clipper which comes with its default setting so we need to reduce it as possible and make it like there is no gap between the blades.

zero gapping clippers

So, as much, as they are closer means they are closed together but keep in mind that does not mean they both overlap each other. You need to confirm that they both do not collapse together. This type of setting gives the most awesome cutting mostly in the hard surface areas of people’s skin.

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Importance of the Zero-Gapping Clippers

Zero-gap clippers positioning delivers a very closer edge-to-edge trimming whether we are talking about fades, tapers, or other complex haircuts. Also, zero-gapping clippers avoid the pain which mostly occurs by tugging or snagging the hair.

  • If you are a professional barber or used it for your personal use then you’ll experience smoothness and a much more comfortable haircut without any skin injury. And clients never complain about the result that they actually want.
  • People have different types of hair like silky or curly hair and further texture but with the zero-gapping clippers, you can easily control how much amount of the haircut is wanted by the client without merging their hairs.
  • Before the hair cut you need to be sure that you have all the necessary tools which are required in zero gapping cutting. The tools are often used to reduce the time of hair cut and deliver a perfect result as demanded. These tools also improve the efficiency of the trimmer and complete a smarter hair look in minimum time as I told you.
  • If you used it wisely like avoiding wear and tear then it extends the lifespan of clippers and trimmers for a long-lasting duration and you don’t need to change it frequently.

By using these techniques you’ll get a more precise result, more efficiency and durability, and also a long-span life of clippers. Once you apply these strategies the client will never complain about their haircut.

Benefits of Zero Gap Clippers

Everyone should know the advantages of zero-gapping techniques whether you’re a barber or a professional hair stylist expert. Here are some key factors and benefits of these clippers.

Improved your hair texture:

You’ll feel a smoother and softer finish after every haircut there is less hair behind your shoulder after trimming your hair. You’ll not feel like becoming frizzy or tangled hair or struggling with hair which is stay on your head.

Time and money-saving cut:

During your haircut process, you can save the time and money (because it is long-lasting equipment) that you spend on old haircutter techniques which require more time.

You can get your desired length, thickness, and all of these with more efficient cutting that saves more time to get a closer cut.

So the barber and you both save your time and get the precise result you want. And professional barbers can handle more clients each day.

Precision edge cutting:

The zero-gapping clippers provide more control as you remove the trimmer over the hair and it cut the hair more comfortably without facing any problems by the client.

Also because of total control, a person chooses the required length he needs for any occasion, business, or job type of haircut look. And nowadays it is a trend for everyone care most about their hair and beard to look more professional in every field and in their life.

Diverse Versatility:

If you want more accurate and precise cutting then this zero gap clippers tool can help them to achieve their expected styles Whether creating a fade, a buzz cut, or a textured look. And all these you’ll get without any pain or cut in your neck or ears areas that sometimes happen with normal blades.

Extended clipper lifespan:

As I told you because of less wear and tear problem between the blads and motor you will get more efficiency and long-lasting lifespan of clippers. That direct effect saves your money and time which is already saving as I mentioned.

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Pros and Cons of Zero-Gapping Clippers


  • It provides a closer cut which is particularly useful for fades, tapers, and any other creative type of styling.
  • By using it you can set your hairstyle very quickly and efficiently. So you can save your time on a daily or weekly basis.
  • You can enhance its versatility by doing short or long haircuts and it works very smoothly with any type of hair.
  • It also saves you money because you can use it for a long period of time.


  • If you are not useful to it then there is a chance of injuries mostly when you do a closer cut.
  • Zero gapping puts some extra stress on your blades and motor which is the cause of damage or wear and tear of your clippers.
  • Most of the clippers are not made for zero gaping they’re only designed for thick & long hair. So it’s our recommendation to read all the descriptions before buying it.

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Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Zero-Gapping Clippers

If you read the article carefully and make your mood to buy a zero-gapping clipper then you should consider some factors before buying these clippers:

1st of all your expertise:

If you’re a pro-grade professional user then you know how safely and effectively use it. Because safety is 1st concern when you run the trimmer on your head.

And if you’re a newbie in barbering or hair stylist and need to know how to use zero-gapping clippers safely then you can read other articles posted by us.

We provided full guidance and mentor advice about it. Once you build confidence and expertise then there is no obstacle to using it.

What do you actually want:

If you want very closer and narrow haircutting efficiently and you’ve read the 1st point means you’re confident then these zero-gapping clippers are made for you.

Hair type:

If you have specific hair types such as fine, thinner, thicker, or rougher hair then the zero gapping clippers give more precise results if you know how effectively run it.

Your equipment:

If you’re not sure about your zero-gapping clippers are still in good condition and suitable for your hair then you must need to change or seek professional advice.

What is zero Overlap?

When we consider the terms Zero Overlap so “Zero Gap” and “Zero Overlap” means they both are interchangeable for that reason they refer to different things.

The term zero overlap defines the distance between the cutting blades when they were closed.

By default, the zero overlaps mean the blades are very close to each other but did not overlap each other.

And that’s the reason you’ll get more accurate and smoother results. To get more possible cutting effects zero overlap combines with Zero Gap and it is often.

Zero Gapping and Zero Overlap

So basically zero gapping is the process of adjusting or eliminating the gap between the teeth of the upper and lower blade. Or you can say it is the process of arranging the blade of the clipper.

This setting makes a positive effect you’ll get more precise cutting in minimum time, and also improve hair texture and versatility that’s why this is mostly preferred by barbers and hair stylists.

Zero Overlap also provides a clean, and closer cut without any irritation. It is fundamentally a technique that decreases the gap between blades without overlapping it.

How to Zero Gap Your Hair Clipper

Below is a complete guide video on How to zero gap clippers in three minutes.


For zero gapping there are many products available online as well as offline market. And they are made up of some popular companies which make high-quality products like Andis, Wahl, Oster, and Babyliss.

These are some brand that makes adjustable clippers. Zero-gapping clippers are an ideal choice among users. If you want more reliable performance, long-lasting life, efficiency, and good customer reviews then you can consider these clippers available on Amazon.

Hope you’ll get an idea about What is Zero Gapping Clippers if any questions or doubts arise in your mind then please ask your query.

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