What type of lingerie do men like?

Let’s be honest, not every man is the same. Some prefer their partner without lingerie and consider these pieces of garments a waste of money.

 While others enjoy the anticipation of removing all the straps to reveal their partner’s naked body.

Like my husband who rather naked body but doesn’t mind me wearing my favorite lingerie.

 Instead of asking what type of lingerie do men like? You should consider which lingerie makes you feel sexy whether it’s a $70 or a $20 lace panties from Victoria Secrets.

Because you can wear the sexiest lingerie, but if you don’t feel confident and seductive in it, then it will just be an ordinary outfit. It will demolish the purpose of lingerie. That is, to make the person wearing them feel sexy.

Other factors to consider when determining the lingerie your man would like are: the setting, intimacy, his opinion, and your preference.

The Setting/Occasion

Lingerie has evolved from a simple two-piece to over five extra add-ons, and this will continue to change as fashion does. 

As well as different colors that are worn on special occasions. Let’s take Valentine’s Day, most men will like their partner to wear a romantic red lacy bra, matching panties with stocking and garters.

A date night would require a simple but sexy bra and panty in whichever color she’s in the mood for. 

The Level of Intimacy 

Does he enjoy making love or sex? Think about that for a moment, if you both prefer a slow lovemaking session then he would appreciate every detail and pieces of lingerie. While sex requires something he’ll want to remove in seconds.

Some women wear lingerie for their assurance. Since the act of wearing lingerie for her man is of emotional intimacy that lingerie adds too.

For Her

You don’t have to be in a relationship with someone to wear lingerie. Some women wear them under their everyday clothing as self-care or a sexy little secret.

Even though your man doesn’t care for lingerie. He should find pleasure in it. Especially if his woman feels happy wearing them. Any good man enjoys making his lady feel confident, happy and sexy and if lingerie does the trick, then so be it. For couples play, I would put on lingerie my husband would like and add the bullet vibrator for extra play.

Here are some popular types of lingerie your man would like:

Babydoll Lingeries

These are short dresses that are paired with a thong. Styled with ribbons, straps, and lace. It’s one of the easiest lingerie to remove.

Teddy Lingeries

Teddy lingeries are like a bodysuit that will bring that extra spice to the bedroom. It’s not an everyday undergarment but some will hide her belly where most women are insecure.

Corset Lingeries

 Corset lingeries are very sexy and gives your women an hourglass figure. Most men love to see their lady in black or red color. It lifts her bust making her feel extra special and sexy.

While some men love lingerie, others don’t care for them. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to wear them. As I mentioned above, a good man finds pleasure in pleasing his lady. If you are unsure of his preference in lingerie, you can always ask him which type of lingerie he likes; if you want his opinion.